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Why You Should Roleplay and How

by Rich Emrett

If you thought corny roleplaying was just for cheesy porn stars, you’re wrong.

So we’re not saying you should whip out the costumes the first time you do the deed. But if you’ve been sexing it up for a while and every time’s starting to fade into the other time, it might just be time for roleplay.

Here are five reasons why you should try roleplay out:

  1. Girls love funny guys, and roleplay can be hilarious – the bedroom doesn’t always have to be this serious, sensual place.
  2. We also love getting dressed up.
  3. We love taking on different personas.
  4. There are plenty of things we wouldn’t do in real life that we desperately want to do. Don’t you wanna see us get loose?
  5. She can’t be the only girl you masturbate to. Give her a new persona, and you could reignite that flame.

Make our fantasies come true, no matter how silly you feel at first, and you’ll have us going crazy to put on that schoolgirl outfit again.

Talk about your fantasies and make a date to head to the nearest Adam and Eve. Just looking at costumes will get you excited. Plus, roleplay often leads to even kinkier stuff. Unless you’re boring as hell, you probably crave some creepy shit every once in a while, right?

Here are some of our favorite roleplaying fantasies:

Boss and secretary

A lot of girls like being dominated, and a lot of guys like dominating. Not to mention, you look fucking hot in a suit. Whip off that tie, tie her up, pull her hair, and fuck her hard.

Teacher and student

Once again, you’ve got dominant and submissive roles. Plus, so many girls fantasize about seducing someone they’re not supposed to seduce.

whyyoushouldroleplay-stripperandcustomerStripper and customer

Let her spoil you and drive you crazy. You’re not supposed to fuck the stripper, but you know you’re going to.

Sex with a stranger

Sex with your same old partner can get boring, and cheating tempts a lot of us, no matter how much we hate to admit it. So be someone else for a night. Have a one-night stand. Wanna get really into it? Bump into each other in a bar. Even better? Watch each other flirt with other people first.

Straight-up animals

We’re not talking furries and weird-ass masks (though if you’re into that, go for it) There’s nothing like sex when you both totally let go of all inhibitions and fuck each other’s brains out. Hardcore licking, biting, and all around wildness are sure to satisfy you both.

Beautiful young sexy teacher resting between the classes

High Schoolers

Sneaking around used to seem like a real chore, but it was also a blast, now that you look back on it. And you were horny as hell. Return to those days by driving to some dark cul-de-sac or park and fucking in the backseat or on a blanket in the grass.

Masseuse and Client

‘Cause there’s nothing like relaxation followed by a happy ending.

Whatever the fantasy, roleplay is sure to get you and your partner excited to hop in bed together again. Let your imaginations run wild. And for real success, just let go and get into it.

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