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Why Women Fake It

by Rich Emrett

Why Women Fake It

preview-full-shutterstock_579729145 (4)Meg Ryan’s character in the film When Harry Met Sally couldn’t have done it better. It was an eye-opener for men and something that many women from around the world were able to relate to. Female sexuality is a less touched subject than that of male sexuality. This can be one of the reasons why women fake it – because they’re not bold enough to tell their partners what it is exactly that want in bed and how. For many, there’s still the conventional submission of just letting the men have all the fun.

On average, around 90% of men gain orgasm during a male-female intercourse, while 70% of women are short of the same experience. That’s a lot of unhappy and unsatisfied women!

Overall, women fake orgasm for multiple reasons, but we’ll focus on the common ones that every woman out there can relate to.

Women is more concerned about the man’s pleasure than their own

Some women don’t feel comfortable telling their partners what they want in bed. Even women in long-term relationships can still feel the same way. Many women also worry more about their partner’s needs than their own.

Research demonstrates that several women consider that it is a man’s primary role to succeed during sex.  For this reason, women put more value on the man’s gratification and do not think of her sexual needs as a priority.

Moreover, in many cases, a woman’s arousal is stirred when she sees and feels that her partner is turned on. Even though female sexuality is becoming more open in the present times, there are still lots of women who think that it is their jobs to satisfy their partners. Thus, many resort to faking orgasms to make their partners think that he’s great in bed.

To make him feel good about himself

Women do not need to have an orgasm in order to have a great sexual experience, but several men do not know this, or do not understand this, rather. If a woman does not climax, it doesn’t mean that she did not enjoy the sex and that her partner is awful in bed. But of course, explaining this to a man, whose endgame in sex is getting off, would be next to impossible.

Young woman sleeping on bed

Young woman sleeping on bed

For most men sex is about sexual gratification and meeting his sexual needs, while for women, it can be the intimacy and the romantic connection that makes her satisfied.

Of course there’s pleasure in orgasm, but other couples place more value in the intimacy and emotional connection that happens in sex rather than just getting an orgasm.

On the other hand, many men think that they’re terrible in bed if they cannot make their partners come. So, instead of explaining to them that it’s not just about the climax, women go for the easier route, which is faking an orgasm.

Men and women being different

Men can get physical gratification from a sexual encounter with a stranger, while women cannot. Generally, women need to feel emotionally secure and connected in order to be aroused. They need to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to be turned on. That is why women don’t usually climax in casual encounters and resort to fake orgasms instead, so as not to hurt their partner’s ego. Women will do this, especially if they want to give this new relationship a chance. This is also the reason why women tell their friends during those late night sleepovers that sex is different when done with the man they love than just casual sex with someone they don’t have deep feelings for.


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