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Guess you are at that point where you are confused as to what works in shedding off flesh from your body? The heat is on as you ponder on whether you’d rather work on what goes into your body (meals) – after all, we’re what we eat’; or you’d opt for the gym. There’s no need to be agitated anymore as this piece contains all you need to know about losing weight and regaining your slay body once again. It’s the solution you’ve been expecting all this while.

Without mincing words, let’s hit the basics. Let’s make you see what weight loss entails, its effect, and the best approach toward getting back to shape whether it’s dieting or working out.

What does losing weight entails?

If you’ve been carefree about what goes into your mouth, it’s high time you took this into consideration as you wouldn’t like to end up obese. Needless to say, becoming obese comes with its many headaches. Apart from the fact that you become vulnerable to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular attacks, and all, you might as well be on your way to your early grave. It’s that serious. Hence, the need to lose weight. As such, losing weight is intentional, it’s a deliberate attempt to get rid of excess fat in the body.

To a large extent, fat accumulates in the body when you consume too much calories. Also, when you make little or no attempt to eliminate these excess lipids, they begin to store up in the body thereby causing you to lose shape and grow robust.

Apart from the highlighted medical risk associated with excessive weight gains, it also opens you up to some psychological related issues such as anxiety, isolation, frustration, depression, and ultimately, suicidal thoughts.

Having considered what losing weight entails, let’s get on with whether dieting or exercising is the best approach to facilitating weight loss.

What’s dieting?weighing scale

As its name implies, dieting deals with diet. In other words, meals or food or anything that goes into the mouth for the purpose of nourishment and supply of energy to the body.  The popular paradox “you are what you eat” comes to the fore here and it’s actually a truism. What you eat determines your body mass in terms of weight and this has a lot to do with your stature and your appearance. If you look lanky or skinny, it’s because you haven’t been eating as you should and on the other hand, if you look fat or obese, it’s largely because you have been over-eating. There are no two ways about it.

As far as weight loss is concerned, dieting involves eating less and less with the goal of reducing weight in the long run. It entails avoiding high-calorie meals and sticking to meals that are richer in fiber and minerals.


Exercising on the other hand entails a whole lot of activities intended to burn excess fat in the body and build body strength. Apart from the fact that you eliminate excess fat in the body with these activities, you also increase your stamina, endurance, and agility. It’s extremely targeted at making you fit. There are different forms of exercise. From the cardio or aerobic exercises which help to stabilize your heart and increase your metabolism to resistance and strength training where you train your bones to be stronger, the benefits of exercising are quite plenteous. Examples of cardio exercises include swimming, jogging, running, walking, biking, and cycling. The list goes on and on.  They are actually familiar activities that you even engage in unknowingly. For strength training, there are exercises like weight lifting, dumbbells, and barbells workouts, resistance work out and the likes. There’s also exercise which helps you add muscles and bulk up. Such include, push-ups, triceps dips, jumping jacks, the list goes on and on.

Now, concerning whether dieting or exercising is good for weight loss, it’s quite a tricky question, but one which must be answered. Having considered what dieting and exercising entails, it’s reasonable and logical to assert that both dieting and exercising have a role to play in maintaining good health and keeping fit. However, dieting still takes prominence more than exercising. The reason for this is not far-fetched though, it boils that to what has been mentioned earlier which is “you are what you eat”. Of a truth, no amount of exercises can cut down your weight except you work on your nutrition. If you keep over-eating, you always have to deal with excessive weight gains.


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