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What Women Say About Orgasm And How You Can Help Them Get One

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When it comes to sex, men are said to be the light bulbs while women are the flat irons. This means men easily heat up as soon as there’s a trigger while it takes longer for women to get heated up.

A little bit of touching or rubbing, and within minutes, men are ready for penetration and then release. Some women, on the other hand, can’t even reach an orgasm when their partner says they’re through. While this is a topic most couples have difficulty opening up to each other in a confident way, it needs to be discussed once and for all.

Guys, you have to remember that as you’re excited about what you’re doing, a woman’s mind can go through a lot of things at that exact moment. She might still be wondering whether she’s unplugged the curling iron or not, and settles down when she’s sure she did.

The Role Of Foreplay

Don’t blame her please, it’s just how her brain is wired. This is why foreplay plays an important role in a woman’s sex life. She needs to feel your touch on the exact spot before her genitals scream for you in excitement. It takes a considerable amount of time of pre-penetrating acts before she can get aroused.

Men Can Be Unaware

The truth is that most men have difficulty telling whether their partner had climaxed or not. Don’t react guys, a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine confirmed this as a fact. With subjects of nearly 1,700 newlyweds, it was found out that 43 percent of husbands couldn’t tell how often their wives reached orgasm. The researchers saw this finding as a little bit weird for two people who vowed to share their sexuality with each other all throughout their lives. Yet, this is an issue that seems to be widely accepted.

In another survey involving 1,000 men, 57 percent says their partners orgasmed while giving them oral sex. But 59 percent of these men didn’t know what their partners liked in oral sex. To top it all, 67 percent weren’t sure what they were doing during oral sex.

What Women Say About Orgasm And How You Can Help Them Get OneTo be fair, these men might have given their partner orgasms. Another study even shared that 42 percent of men rated themselves an A in bed. Good job guys.

But then there’s nothing wrong to help men be aware once again of what’s really going on inside the bedroom.

Sex therapist Ian Kerner says he had seen a lot of orgasm gaps and imbalances in his practice. It’s important to make your partner enjoy sex and orgasm because failing to do so may lead to a scar in your relationship.

As a committed partner or husband, you definitely want to give your partner or wife a pleasurable sex and orgasm. And a reminder of how it should be done in the right way might not hurt. You can get some tips below of what most women want in bed.

Women care about orgasm during sex.

Most women may not be too vocal about it but they do care about orgasm during sex as much as you do. Failing to think about this is an injustice to women. One study even found that the more a wife orgasmed, the more she’s sexually satisfied. There’s a direct link between the frequency of her orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

Foreplay plays an important role in her orgasm.

Guys, we understand that it might be hard for you to wait a little longer to penetrate, but women do want it done by warming up her nether regions. Never skip foreplay because it’s vital in her orgasm. Some women even think that men are just in the act of penetrating and finishing, which turned out she hasn’t yet.

Women’s arousal takes time.

It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes of foreplay before women can get aroused. This is according to Kerner. Women don’t get aroused as soon as you do. They need pre-penetrating acts like kissing, touching or even a sexy talk before they’re finally into it. This may take time but it’s worth it if your goal is to give her a pleasurable sexual experience.

Some women enjoy oral sex.

What Women Say About Orgasm And How You Can Help Them Get OneWhile other women say they’re uncomfortable when their partner goes down there, some also find pleasure in it. It might not hurt if you ask your partner whether she’s comfortable with it or not. How your tongue plays the part also matter.

Some women prefer clitoral stimulation.

Some women love techniques that stimulate their clitoris. The clitoris is packed with thousands of nerve endings, maybe the reason why women orgasmed easily when it’s stimulated during sex. Some women, however, find it unnecessary. Ask your partner’s preference again when it comes to clitoris stimulation.

Every woman responds to clitoral touching differently.

In one study, when women were asked about the kind of clitoral touching they prefer, nearly 70% of them responded they liked to be touched in an up and down motions, circular, side to side, pulsating, pressing, then flicking. Others say they liked repeated, rhythmic motions while others admitted they preferred circular motions around the clitoris.

Bonus Tip

Stimulate her mind.

While the above tips came from women, this one comes from a man who had his girlfriend orgasm in under 5 minutes. Having a strong belief of the power of the mind, this guy sent her sexy texts throughout the day. He’s actually building anticipation. He communicated dirty during foreplay and during sex. And in a matter of minutes, she orgasmed and climaxed, the way he expected to.

Women are unique beings. This means they’re not molded just the same. Some of them prefer loud sex while others don’t. Your partner may or may not respond the way the woman you see in the porn does. So, it’s best to ask your partner or wife what she likes or doesn’t like. Be patient because this is just only for the first few intimate moments that you share. When you have enough knowledge of what she prefers, it would be easier for you to do it next time without asking.

The best time to ask her is during foreplay. Ask her what she expects to happen and how she wants it done as you kiss her softly and play your fingers in her nether regions. Foreplay is always the key. Never forget one, unless she’s in a hurry.

Anyway, after you’ve given her the best orgasm of her life, don’t just dress up and leave. Spend some moments cuddling and talking to her. This makes her feel that you not only care for the sexual pleasure she’s given you but care for her as well. After all, women want to be cherished and cared for.

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