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Want Nudes? It’s Simple: Don’t Vote Trump

by Rich Emrett

preview-full-sexting-681x401Voting takes time. You’ve gotta get out of bed, get dressed, and show up to the right polling station. That’s after you’ve registered. It’s not terribly difficult, but in a society where you click something and get something right away, it seems pretty tedious. Well, here’s a reason to register and show up.

It sort of sounds too good to be true. Free nudes of totally hot girls? Well, believe it. And it’s easy enough to get some: vote against Trump. The social advocacy group by the name of Tramps Against Trump has stated on their Tumblr that they will send “personalized nudes for the politically engaged.” If you can prove you voted against Trump, you get a full-on nudey pic.

preview-full-4290773302_fe38a16bf5Spokesperson Jessica Rabbit said that they aren’t endorsing any presidential candidate in general; rather, they’re advocating for “anyone but Trump.” Their main objective, besides stopping Trump? “To get millennials who otherwise might not engage in the election to show up and vote.”

Their website is jam-packed with NSFW teasers – nudes of all shapes and sizes that are just barely censored. If you want the full deal, send in your selfie with an “I Voted” sticker and you’re good to go. Send your selfie to the group via email, Tumblr, or Snapchat (trampsxtrump).




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