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Toxic Free Lifestyle

by Rich Emrett


There has always been tons of health advice everywhere you turn. Family members are often happy, if not downright pushy, about the whole thing. Friends often provide all kinds of various theories. Today people are bombarded by magazines, television, radio, and the internet with these topics. There are fad diets including those aimed specifically at men. Numerous websites are dedicate to providing information on which menus will boost your testosterone, increase your muscle mass, and/or enhance your immune system. It is actually pretty frustrating not to mention confusing. So, what is the damn deal?

Dispelling Diet Delusion

The first thing you need to do for your health is to understand a few elements and terms as well as forget most everything that you have ever seen, heard, or read. Right away you should just forget the word diet, unless you can relearn what this word actually means. Those of you who hit the gym pretty regularly probably know that it is not synonymous with the phrase weight loss. Diet refers to any group of foods that a community or individual consume on a daily basis. Diet is also not synonymous with temporary. It is a long term change that you must be dedicated to.
You should also know that all things that you consume have some type of action in your body. This may be positive, negative, or both. The fact that it is enhancing or detrimental often varies from person to person. Your bodily function is affected by the air that you breathe, the products that you use, and the car that you drive.

Streamlined Science

There are toxins in every single element of your life. These chemicals introduce free radicals into your body and cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can result in numerous health conditions. These vary from minor and acute to serious and chronic. Antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables are the most effective way to battle oxidative cell stress from free radical damage. The most serious side effect of free radical cell damage is that it severely compromises your immune system. They have been linked to:
o Allergies
o Increased Vulnerabilities to Colds and Flu
o Lethargy
o Insomnia
o Respiratory Conditions
o Testosterone Declination
o Diabetes
o All forms of Carcinoma
o Brain Disorders
Note: Many cases of testosterone depletion are associated with an overreaction of 5-alpha reductase in your body. This enzyme robs your body of testosterone by converting it to DTH. Reduced testosterone puts you at a much greater risk for developing prostate enlargement and cancer as well as ED and hair loss.

Terminate Toxins

There are numerous simple and inexpensive methods of detoxifying your life. Some are free, while others may have a nominal associated cost. There are a few that are extremely expensive. The best route to take is to begin with those which are free and cost little to nothing. The reason for this is even, if you break your bank, you will never be able to eliminate all of the toxins in your daily life. You can drastically reduce them and that alone can dramatically improve your health.
Eat fresh, preferably organic, foods. Try to avoid canned goods whether they are organic or not. Implement raw recipes such as salad into your daily menu. You can add meat and dressing, but be sure to eat plenty of fresh, raw, organic, fruits and veggies. Food that is registered as organic is non-GMO and is not contaminated with any type of pesticide or herbicide.
Raw tomatoes, as an example, are an excellent source of many nutrients including amazing antioxidants. These cannot be obtained from them once they have been cooked. While cooking certain foods, again such as tomatoes, eliminates specific properties, it causes a chemical reaction which provides a new set of beneficial nutrients.
Remember that, if it degrades quickly, it is probably the healthiest. If it can sit in the oven overnight and be eaten the next day, it will wreak havoc on your body. This includes all of your next day pizza which sat in your college oven. Fast food may be cheap, easy, and quick, but it contains an extremely high amount of free radicals which will present difficult challenges in the future. Disease generally develops slowly and only progresses to a depleted bank account and a calendar full of medical appointments.
Tip: You never have to stay away from unhealthy foods completely. This is often the reason many people give up all together. It is important to reward yourself from time to time with a decadently, sweet, indulgence or whatever your thing is. This is, quite honestly, good for your psychological health on several levels.


Use natural products which contain non-toxic ingredients. This usually means that you can pronounce the components and know where they are derived from, but are not a scientist or physician. This includes household cleaning products, personal hygiene care, and medicines. Examples:
 The number one ingredient in glass cleaners is ammonia. Vinegar and filtered water works very well. You do not have to spend a fortune and you can buy it at the grocery store.
 Most all to the paste contains fluoride. Baking soda is cheap, easy to find, and cleans teeth, as well as bathrooms and kitchens, excellently.
 Just quit using any type of tobacco products. They contain perhaps the highest level of toxic chemicals compared to any other consumed product.
 No, electronic cigarettes are not a safe alternative.
Most of the above advice is pretty simple, common sense. If you know it is bad for you, avoid it whenever possible. If you are unsure, research it via a reliable source. It is better to start slow and eliminate and/or switch products as well as habits a few at a time. Once you are successful with those goals, create a few more to reach. While, as mentioned, the internet is extremely confusing when researching this subject, it is always better to educate yourself about any topic.
Refer only to sites that you know are reliable. The National Center for Biotechnology Information and all of its subgroups are great sources. They publish scientific studies; however, it is not a good idea to try to research everything at one time. Research should be treated as another set of goals. Only search for and read a couple at a time.
Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

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