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Top Sexiest Travel Destinations for Honeymoons and Weddings

by Rich Emrett

Sexiest Travel Location in the South Pacific


preview-full-shutterstock_536121778If you are looking for a romantic tropical paradise where you can just sit back and relax on a beautiful beach all day, Tahiti is your best bet. Tahiti has plenty of things to do like snorkeling, diving, fishing, and sailing where you can view the beautiful landscape and wildlife.

If you don’t want to have to deal with huge crowds don’t worry. Tahiti only gets a small fraction of the visitors of other island paradises like Hawaii, which gets more visitors in a week than Tahiti does all year.

Tahiti is a great choice for destination weddings as well, due to its low prices compared to other tropical alternatives and that both Americans and Canadians can be legally married in Tahiti. You can get married in Tahiti and you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for the honeymoon making it a great choice.

Sexiest Travel Destination in North America

-Fort Myers Florida

If you are looking for a destination that is closer to home but is still sexy, Fort Meyers Florida is a good choice. They have nice beaches with white sand and beautiful water very similar to what you would see on a tropical island. This is because Fort Meyers is located on the western coast of Florida, which is on the Gulf of Mexico as opposed to ocean beaches on the east coast.

Fort Meyers also has a park called Lover’s Key State Park which is great honeymoon location if you like the outdoors. It has bicycle trails, hiking trails, kayaking, fishing or you could picnic on the magnificent shoreline if you choose.

If you want to stay state side, or if you are from a different part of the world and want to experience a wedding in America, Fort Meyers is the best location.

Sexiest Places to Visit in Europe

Most Romantic City-Venice Italy

preview-full-shutterstock_507749842Where else in the world can you take a private gondola ride through a gorgeous, ancient city rich with culture? Venice is unique in that you need a boat to navigate the city, there are no streets only canals. The city has a rich unique history that spans centuries which you can see in the wonderful architecture, gothic, Romanesque and Byzantine to name a few.

You should visit Venice if you are looking for a romantic getaway where you and your partner can spend some relaxing time alone.

Best Party City-Ibiza Spain

Ibiza is the best party island in the world, making it a great location for young couples who love to dance all throughout the night till they drop. If you are looking for an extreme wedding or honeymoon with over the top foam parties packed with people wearing little to no clothing, Ibiza is where you want to be.

Best Historical City in Europe-Edinburgh Scotland

If you are looking for a gorgeous city surrounded by a lovely countryside with a long history, Edinburgh is the best choice. It is believed that the area of Edinburgh was inhabited since the bronze age, and the castle itself is still standing to this day, a true testament of time.

The castle itself has swapped hands many times throughout the years and has had many uses from being the primary home of royal families to being the site of a prison making it a very interesting and unique location.

If you and your partner are looking for a romantic getaway in the striking Scottish countryside, Edinburgh castle is a outstanding location.

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