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The Top 10 Most Fun Summer Dates

by Rich Emrett
The Top 10 Most Fun Summer Dates

So summer’s come around and you’re looking for some date ideas. One of the most straightforward ways to get the girl is to keep things exciting, and all too many men don’t even take girls out on real dates anymore. If that’s you, snap out of it. Here are 10 of the most fun summer dates to start or keep the spark alive between you two.

  1. Play putt-putt.

Sure, it’s a little corny. But it’s worth it. For one thing, putt-putt makes a great date early in your relationship because you get to have good conversation, but you also get a dash of lighthearted competition and distraction if there are any potentially awkward lulls. If you’ve been together a long time, it’s just fun.

  1. Have an epic beach day.  

You can go to the beach and lay out and get in the water from time to time. But that’s sort of boring. If you want a really fun date, go epic. Let yourselves become kids again – because kids have the most fun. Think sandcastle building, Frisbee, boogie boarding, and splashing in the waves. Let loose!

  1. Go night swimming.

During the daytime, it’s too damn hot and there are plenty of annoying kids to splash you and scream their heads off at the pool. What you need is night swimming. Night swimming’s romantic, and it’s also code for skinny-dipping, making out, and clinking ice cold glasses of beer. Bonus points if you find a pool with a hot tub.

  1. Go on a picnic.

Find some woods or an open field where you can really have some privacy. Bring along a picnic with your favorite foods and some classics like a bottle of white wine and strawberries. Don’t forget to cuddle and roll around a bit, too.

  1. Hit up the county fair.Hit up the county fair

There’s something really small-town romantic about going to the fair together. You’ve seen it in movies over and over again – kissing on the Ferris wheel, winning her the bear, sharing funnel cake. These days fairs have even more to offer with deep-fried everything and plenty of crazy rides that’ll get her holding onto you tight.

  1. Check out a drive-in movie.

Summer nights are the best. Drive-in movies? Totally classic. Extra points if you put a blow-up mattress, blankets, and pillows in your truck bed.

  1. Go tubing.

This one’s really relaxing, and if you’ve had a rough week at work, nothing’s better than floating down the river together.

  1. Wake up for the sunrise.Wake up for sun rise

It’s great to sleep in together in the summer. It’s a nice change, though, to wake up early together to catch the sunrise in a pretty, private spot. This one’s going to up your intimacy, too. Afterwards? Go back to bed. Morning sex anybody?

  1. Do a beer tasting.

You’ve gotta love fancy beers on hot summer days. Really, they never taste better. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, go for an evening wine tasting.

  1. Go camping.

Sex in a tent is awesome, especially when you wanna get frisky and risky during the day. You’re going to bond and have fun as you start fires together, set up your tent, and check out your surroundings. Not to mention, outdoorsy men are super hot.

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