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The Ultimate Guide to Erogenous Zones

by Rich Emrett


Sex is awesome and it’s tempting to go straight to the deed, but it’s even better when awesome foreplay leads up to it. You know all about the clit and the G-spot (we hope) but there are plenty more erogenous zones you’ve gotta check out.

The word erogenous literally means “love-producing” in Greek. Erogenous zones are those happy spots that jumpstart sexual pleasure, getting you and her both orgasm-ready. You’re probably well aware of some of these, but here are some tips to take full advantage of some of her less-spoiled pleasure centers.


There’s something really romantic, delicate, and sweet about kissing your partner’s hands and along her wrist. This inner area is also really sensitive to touch. It’s not a typical erogenous zone, but it’s just sensitive and sweet enough to really excite her.

erogenouszones-hermouthandlipsHER MOUTH AND LIPS

We’re gonna figure you have these two down by now.


Dirty talk is so much better when you’re breathing deeply into her ears, licking the edges of them, and if you’re really brave, even going for a sensual wet willy (yes, I just typed that and yes, you should try it).


Go from sweet kisses to deep sucking and licking, nibbling and even biting.


Move down from her neck and get going on her breasts and nipples. Giving an in-depth boob massage is enjoyable for both of you, and you’ll have her swooning when happy oxytocin is released from her body. Most women go wild when it comes to nipple stimulation, but don’t straight-up bite down on them right away – see what works for her, starting with simple tongue swirls.

HER INNER THIGHerogenouszones-herinnerthigh

You’re both going crazy and you wanna just stick it in, but don’t yet! There are way too many pleasure centers to hit before you get to the main show. Instead of giving her head right away, drive her crazy by kissing and sucking alongside her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to your final destination.


It’s tempting to just rub it and do your ABCs with your tongue, but here’s a tip on how to really drive her crazy. Tease her. Hardly flick it with your tongue or move your finger ultra-slowly. Then, build up to heavy pressure and speed.


Yeah, yeah, duh. It’s not as simple as in and out, though. Try going as slowly and deeply as you possibly can. It’ll give you both chills. Moving in a circular motion is a nice trick, too – you’ll hit parts of her she didn’t even know she wanted you to.


Okay, so feet even on the most beautiful women aren’t the prettiest body part. They’re not that sexy, either. But there’s a reason so many people have foot fetishes: the feet and tones are covered in happy nerve endings. Give her a foot massage and for extra feel-good sensations, add some lotion to the mix.

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