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The Truth about Bedroom Toys

by Rich Emrett
The Truth about Bedroom Toys

Once upon a time sex toys were a hush hush subject; however, this is no longer true. While not everyone is open about having fun in the bedroom, the topic is quickly becoming main stream. Many of these stories may be considered locker-room talk and guys probably wonder, if they are just fish stories. It is not just the guys who are more open about these discussions. More and more women are coming forward to try, or perhaps admit to, playing with sex toys.

Check This Out

In a 2014 anonymous survey nearly 50% of women asked admitted they had used a toy in a sexual situation at some point. By the end of 2015 well more than half of women openly stated that they had used a vibrator for sexual stimulation at least once. This does not include the many other novelties which are available on the market today. There have been sex toy parties, much like Tupperware parties, but much more exciting, for decades. These were once for women and not generally talked about openly. Today they are extremely popular and men, as well as couples, are often invited to them.

Kinky Communication

Those who are sexually active and satisfied are healthier regardless of gender. This applies to overall well-being which includes physical, psychological, and emotional health. Couples who are open within their sexual interactions have healthy relationships in general. Sex is one of the most difficult topics for most couples, or even individuals, to discuss with honesty. Once this line is open it decreases road bumps blocking other subjects.

Introducing toys into the bedroom tells women that it is okay to be naughty sometimes. They tend to be more communicative with their wants and desires. Ladies who have a nightstand full of goodies are usually confident in and out of the bedroom. These vixens know what they want and just exactly how they want it. Those who are lucky enough to snag a mature, confident woman should buckle up. It is going to be one hell of a ride.


Once the topic has been broached and building a under the bed trinket chest is a go, it is easy sailing from there. There are several options of shopping for novelty collections. Sex shops are abundant all over the country whether the local scene is a big city or a little hick town. There are also mail order catalogues to peruse and most offer discreet shipping methods so as not to be the talk of the block. The internet offers the most extensive selection of all and ordering is a breeze. It can be done together from the comfort of home in front of a fire, with a bottle of wine. Window shopping for sex supplies online could be a path that leads to an unforgettable adventure.

Shopping Tips

The sext toy topic does have a serious side. It is important to keep a few things in mind while shopping for these types of products. The first is to remember that her opinion counts so pay attention to it. If a woman is a little anxious while talking about bringing a toy into the bedroom, give her a bit to think it over. Let her take the time to warm up to the idea. The naughty little vixen may bring something interesting one day on her way home. While browsing the numerous kinky collections, there are some tips to keeping it safe.

  • Ensure that sex toy products are purchased from trusted and respected suppliers.
  • Research the manufacturing practices of the company and never make a purchase from one that is not completely open about theirs.
  • Only buy insertable toys which are made from safe, medical grade materials.
  • Make sure the material is easy to clean, keep hygienic, and has a sanitary storage container or purchase one separately.

Note: Many personal care products are made from materials with chemicals added to create flexibility. These materials can harbor bacteria and should always be thoroughly clean before and after use to prevent serious infections. May companies recommended using condoms with insertable products for further protection.

Just for the Record

One of the most common misconceptions about sex novelties is that, if a woman is interested in them, she is lonely and single. If not, her significant other is lacking in one or many areas. Sex toys are often called marital aids simply because they can be a boon when there are certain types of issues. This could be symptoms anything from ED or menopause to a simple case of in the rut boredom and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using this type of aid. The largest majority of couples who have a secret toy stash suffer from no issues in the bedroom what so ever. On the contrary, that, or whichever room they prefer, is where the action is.

There is no single factor or combination thereof that is an indication that an individual or couple has a hidden treasure trove. Players may be from any social or economic status. Age; gender; sexual orientation; or ethnicity do not have a bearing. Not even faith or religion can be indicative of adventurous types. All of these elements may dictate how open they are about discussing bedroom sports, but not whether they participate or not.

Another misconception is that a vibrator, for example, will replace the significant other. Men are often afraid that once she discovers toy joy she will no longer need or even want him. Time to get real. If this turns out to be the case, it was most likely true before she discovered her new toy. Playing with titillating treasures together can bring greater stimulation and mind blowing satisfaction for both players. It can also lead to mutual, as well as self, discovery. The truth is that toys in the bedroom can enhance sex as well as the entire relationship. The couple that plays together indeed is the one that most often stays together.

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