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The Truth About 100-lb Weight Loss Goals

by Rich Emrett

For sure, you’ve seen many of those videos and pictures that detail the transformation of a person from being morbidly obese to being able to shed more than 100 pounds of fat. We believe that it takes an unbelievable discipline and willpower to be able to cut that amount of fat from your body. We will always have our utmost respect for these people who decided to make the healthier change – but how healthy is it to drop 100 pounds drastically?

TV shows have helped us understand obesity more. With shows like The Biggest Loser, we understood how difficult it is to lose pounds, but also how rewarding it would be if you make it. However, some people look at it as a problem-goal situation where only getting rid of the problem is important. The goal is to get rid of fat by any means necessary without understanding of the risks that it has on your body.

While being obese is unhealthy, making drastic changes to your eating habits and physical activity could also have some drawbacks. For some people, going on a low-carb diet is just the same as starving yourself just to lose pounds. These practices could only worsen the state of health of the user, and could lead to serious health conditions. Some even consider getting a lap band – or a device that restricts users from consuming more food by limiting the size of the stomach. While the procedure, called Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAGB) is a recognized solution for obesity, it is not the best option out there to lose weight.

These methods are driven by people who want to lose fat fast without putting in the effort that people would normally need to do in order to lose weight. If anything, The Biggest Loser scared off some people by making them aware of the challenges in store for them should they decide to lose weight. The progress that happens in between such as muscle gain to increase metabolism to speed up weight loss are all ignored.

Losing weight is difficult. Losing weight would take time. It’s a lifestyle change that you need to embrace to live a long, healthy life. To start, you need to be comfortable with the long road ahead. Understand that switching to a healthy lifestyle is not a choice, but a necessity if you want to avoid the dangers to your health.

If you want to lose weight, the formula is simple. Just lose more than what you consume. If you plan to eat a cheeseburger, be prepared to do lifts. If anything, training that is motivated by the food you eat is one of the surest ways to constantly hit your goals.

It’s a long, challenging road ahead. Just keep your eye on the goal and everything else will follow.

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