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The Modern Male’s Guide to Dating Apps

by Rich Emrett
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If you’re sick of cover fees and buying drinks for girls that aren’t even interested in you weekend to weekend, it may be time to man up and go for dating online. Life is really busy these days, and if you’re at a point in your life where you’re sweating away in the office or warehouse all day, there just isn’t the time to search for that special someone whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or bae or wife. I know plenty of men and women who have cold feet about getting into online dating. My advice for them? Get over it. We live in a modern age, and dating online is going to vastly benefit your dating life. Here’s what’s in right now, based on what you’re looking for:

Looking for Sex? You Can’t Lose with Tinder.
3a tinder

Let’s be real: good sex is a part of a satisfying and healthy life. It’s also necessary for a good relationship, if that’s what you end up wanting. You’re probably not going to be surprised when I say go for Tinder if you wanna get laid, and fast. On Tinder, it’s as simple as swiping right or left and sending a message to whoever swipes you, too.

Tip 1 from a frequent user: Looks matter, so don’t be stupid: look at more than one photo. Everyone’s going to post their very, very best first (read: a photo that’s four years old and before their metabolism slowed down). If they don’t have more than one, consider looking elsewhere.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to post a shirtless photo (you’re hot!), but consider one at the beach or the lake rather than awkward selfie in front of a foggy mirror.

Looking for: Friends, Casual Dates, Casual Sex, Potential Girlfriends, Potential Wives: OKCupid

3b okcupidNeedless to say, I’m an OKCupid fan – it’s led to a great friendship, a great one-night stand, a great summer fling, and a great one-year relationship (I speak THE TRUTH). If you want it all, go for OKCupid.

Must-do: Fill out your profile, even if it seems cheesy. Answer as many questions in the survey as you can, and be honest. This is going to hook you up with the best girls for you.

For the Shy and/or Lazy Guy Looking for a Date: Bumble

Bumble is the Sadie Hawkins of dating apps. Like with Tinder, you swipe right for whoever you like and get hooked up based on mutual swipes. Here’s the beauty of Bumble, though: as soon as you’ve matched up with a girl, she’s got a mere 24 hours to respond to you. That’s right: for once, you don’t have to make the first move. As the creators say, Bee social! All you’ve gotta do is swipe and wait.

Tip: If you’re looking for an in-command, sexy, confident girl, Bumble’s your app. My roommate fits the bill, and she met her guy on here a few months ago.

*Now’s the time to get yourself out there. Instead of nursing a beer (or six) at the bar with your buddies, though, sit down on the couch, relax with a little Netflix, and get typing on the laptop or tapping on your smartphone. Online dating is a beautiful thing and soon you’ll be chatting your way into love (or bed).


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