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The Hot Guy’s Guide to Higher Testosterone Levels

by John Jones
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Both men and women need significant levels of testosterone, not only to fuel sex drive but also for other important functions. Testosterone hormone works more than just defining a man’s sexual capabilities in the bedroom. This libido-boosting hormone helps men in managing pain response, maintaining red blood cell levels, regulating sleep patterns, enhancing bone density, building muscle mass, and boosting energy levels. In short, higher levels of testosterone are critical to men’s health.

However, countless reports reveal that the modern man has testosterone levels way lower than their ancestors centuries ago. Science says this happens because men of today are more exposed to pollutants and environments that aren’t supportive of health. Unlike their active ancestors, the men of today are also more sedentary and have since then modified their diets.

Low testosterone is something men should give their attention to. If they allow their testosterone levels to decline, it would cause several health problems, like lack of energy, decreased sex drive, anxiety, depression, and many others. When these things occur, it will lead to risk factors for debilitating diseases, such as dementia, prostate cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few.

While the market is saturated with testosterone supplements or testosterone therapy, you don’t have to wait for your turn to make the trip to drugstores to buy one. There are strategies and tactics you can follow to maintain higher testosterone levels. And you should start doing it now by doing some, if not all, of the following strategies:

Clean your liver

A healthy liver is essential to testosterone production. The liver is home to an enzyme that conjugates a group of testosterone. When the liver is damaged, it can affect a patient’s testosterone functions. One study shows that cirrhosis can reduce levels of testosterone by up to 90 percent and continues to do so as the illness progresses.

Eat more healthy fats

Healthy fats including saturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids are good sources of testosterone. Consuming more of this food ensures that your testosterone is at a healthy level. On the other hand, you should cut down on unhealthy fats, which can plummet your testosterone levels.

Limit your caffeine intake

freshly brewed coffeeYour cup of joe can kickstart your day. But leave it at that. Too much stimulant during the day can mess up with your testosterone. Higher levels of caffeine can trigger the brain to release more cortisol. Research reveals that elevated cortisol levels inhibit testosterone production, leading to reduced libido and even impotence. Instead of grabbing caffeinated beverages to lift your mood at midday, try a power nap. It helps clear your mind while increasing your creativity and focus.

Manage your weight

People can detect whether you have low or high testosterone levels. The trick is to look at your body weight. According to scientists, obese males have 50 percent less testosterone compared to males of normal weight. Obesity is one problem that most obese people choose to ignore. But if you’re concerned with your testosterone, it may be time for you to get serious with your weight loss goals before it’s too late.

Consider intermittent fasting

You may ask why you should fast when the number on the scale shows it falls within the normal range. The point here is not to lose weight but to increase your testosterone levels by about 200 to 400 percent. This is one benefit of intermittent fasting that men are crazy about.

Another amazing benefit of intermittent fasting is that it also increases your growth hormone levels, which is also correlated with your testosterone.

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle through periods of eating and fasting. If you’re new to this diet plan, the 16/8 method may work for you best. This involves fasting for 16 hours and having an 8-hour window to eat. The most popular is skipping breakfast and eating between 1 to 9 in the evening. But you can experiment on your own and see what works for you.

Add olive oil to your salads

Extra olive oil is excellent for male reproductive health, particularly testosterone production. It also promotes heart health and regulates cholesterol levels, which is a precursor of testosterone

Hit the pavement

Running or sprinting helps strengthen your leg muscles as well as burns fat and improves overall health. However, avoid running or sprinting every day. Instead, vary your workouts. Chronic endurance exercises, such as running are said to decrease testosterone levels due to an increase in cortisol levels.

Have regular sex

Pleasurable sex naturally increases your testosterone levels. Research confirms that the more you engage in sexual activity, the higher your testosterone levels will be. Great sex can also make you happy and confident, which has a direct psychological effect on your testosterone.

Build more muscles

One reason why muscular men are the epitome of the “ultimate man” is that higher lean muscle mass denotes higher testosterone levels. As mentioned earlier, testosterone is an important component in muscle building, which means you have higher testosterone levels when you’re able to build muscles. Strong muscles help with endurance and stamina, the two qualities needed for incredible sex.

vitamin D tabletsGet a dose of vitamin D

If you’re not exposed to the sun every day, vitamin D supplementation is a great way to correct a deficiency. A lack of vitamin D has been linked to low testosterone. Aside from supplements and the sun, you can get vitamin D from food sources rich in omega 3s like salmon and tuna. Fortified milk and cereals are also good sources.

Take supplements

Supplementation is another great way to correct low testosterone. At times, low testosterone can be caused by a deficiency in some nutrients such as magnesium and zinc. Taking nutritional supplements can significantly improve your testosterone levels. But it’s also possible to take these nutrients from the diet. The best sources are dark leafy greens, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds.

Use your primal instincts in a good way

Men who are competitive and athletic have higher levels of testosterone. They’re able to divert their aggression to more creative and challenging pursuits.

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