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The Fit and the Furious: Are steroids really the way to go?

by Rich Emrett

So you been pumping down at the gym long and hard, but still your buddies are bigger than you. You are eating like a pig, and yet the muscle just doesn’t grow. You have protein shakes comin’ out your eyes, ears and arse for God’s sake and yet . . . STILL nothing works.

The Fit and the Furious
Then the situation arises where the ultimate question is asked: “Dude, why not try STEDS?”

Before you go this route, first consider: Have you really tried EVERYTHING? Like using a personal trainer – an expert who understands different body types, individual metabolism, and necessary nutrition. Someone who can guide you to your ideal structure, tone and build by taking the correct readings in relation to your health, setting actual exercise that will actually gain the desired result and design a diet plan that complies with everything else! Nine times out of ten, you fitness instructor is going to advise you how to take any other approach BUT steroids, so bear this in mind.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are many different types, for a start, both legal and illegal. The last thing you want is to get caught up in substances that can get you into trouble.

Then ask yourself the relevant questions:

  1. How do you feel about injecting yourself?The Fit and the Furious img 2
  2. Popping pills every day?
  3. Are they addictive?“Anabolic steroids are also commonly taken and abused by athletes to boost athletic performance and build muscle mass. Some teenagers abuse them, too.”
    https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?ContentTypeID=1&ContentID=2818Notice the word abuse. (Feel free to make your own mind up!)
  4. What will the people I care about think?
  5. Can I cope with side effects?

So here is the thing – you literally cannot answer the final question until you have started taking them.

Side effects – Is it worth it?

  • Mood swings like a lady
    I mean you ever seen big ass man just break down and cry? It happens – check this:
    Steroids = HormonesThe Fit and the Furious img 3
  • Nutcase anger mixed with a new found strength
    Aggression like the Incredible Hulk doesn’t realize he just needs to flick a door, and it will break. The nicest of people turn ugly, fast.
    OK, OK – everyone is different! But all I am saying is that there are risks and these things should definitely be considered. (Hell, no-one wants to lose what they got goin’ on in the bedroom!)And the grand question:
    What happens if you wanna stop taking them?
    If only it was that simple! Like with any regular medication, consult a doctor before taking steroids. Speak to a professional and no – that does not mean one of the guys down at the gym who thinks he is Mr. Muscle!

    This is Jim – don’t be like Jim . . .

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