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The Easiest Way to Get Erectile Dysfunction Medication

by John Jones
The Easiest Way to Get Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Dealing with erectile dysfunction takes effort, time, and of course – money. Just ask any guy who is struggling with erectile dysfunction, and you’ll discover just how much of a hassle it is to maintain a fulfilling sex life with the condition. The massive costs, the tests, doctor visits, and the occasional episodes of erectile dysfunction can rob you of the confidence, pleasure, and satisfaction you get from sexual intercourse.

Just like other diseases that older men deal with, erectile dysfunction doesn’t develop overnight. For most men, erectile dysfunction is a slow, but definite deterioration of your ability to obtain and maintain an erection. According to studies, about 50% of men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction before they retire, and for most instances, it’s these early signs of erectile dysfunction that you need to look out for in order to manage the condition as you get older.

The two main factors that affect erection quality are testosterone levels and cardiovascular health. As men get older, testosterone levels decline, and this drastically affects the quality of erections you get when you experience sexual arousal. It also affects your sex drive and sensitivity to sexual stimuli, which could reduce the number of erections you get. Fewer erections make penile tissue more rigid and less elastic, which could limit the size and firmness of your erections.

Blood flow is a major factor that affects the quality of your erections. The narrowing and blockages in the bloodstream could impede the blood flow to your penis and limit the volume of blood that engorges the cavernous spaces in the penis. Most men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction likely experienced weaker erections years prior to being entirely unable to obtain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.


According to the Erection Hardness Scale (EHS), penile erection has 5 different stages, namely:

0 – Complete inability to maintain an erection

1 – Slightly bigger, but not hard enough for penetration

2 – Slightly bigger and harder, but not enough for penetration

3 – Hard enough for penetration, but unable to reach peak erection size

4 – Peak erection size and hardness


Most men experience erections in the 3 scale, in which erections have yet to reach peak size, but just hard enough for penetration. This indicates that there is a decline in the quality of erections, which would only worsen as they get older.

Certain health factors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, nerve damage, medicines, and drug use, could all affect the quality of your erections. Identifying the early signs of erectile dysfunction could help you reduce the risk of having full-blown erectile dysfunction as you get older, and even allow you to live a relatively normal sex life.


How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction


The Easiest Way to Get Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Taking premium testosterone supplements, such as Male UltraCore, will ultimately help you protect your sexual health by allowing you to optimize your testosterone levels as you get older. Instead of having declining testosterone levels that reduce your sex drive and sexual pleasure, you get an even higher level of testosterone that could improve your muscle performance, libido, and even your erection quality.

Testosterone plays such a huge factor in sexual health that most men who complain about having erectile dysfunction are likely to have low testosterone levels, and many of these individuals could simply take Male UltraCore to regain their normal sexual performance without having to take erectile dysfunction medication.

Unfortunately for some, the extensive impact of aging, health, and lifestyle choices could delay your progress with supplements, and it may be necessary to take an erectile dysfunction medication to be able to maintain a healthy sex life.


The Hidden Costs of Erectile Dysfunction Medication


It’s no secret that erectile dysfunction medication could be expensive. Pills cost anywhere between $8-$70 per pill, which does not cover the costs of doctor appointments, laboratory testing, and other miscellaneous expenses related to getting your erectile dysfunction prescription.

Depending on your need for erectile dysfunction medication, it could cost you roughly $50-$500 every month on pills alone, and it’s important to note that these are not typically covered by your health insurance.

Medicare does not cover erectile or sexual dysfunction drugs under the Part D Prescription Drug Coverage unless it is prescribed by your doctor to treat another illness unrelated to your sexual dysfunction. This means that you need to pay out-of-pocket to get the medication you need to enjoy healthy sex life.

The costs just get higher as you get older, as your doctor may require you to undergo more testing to evaluate the viability of using the drug in relation to other conditions that you may have. As you get older, you become more susceptible to other conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more, and your doctor needs to understand the situation before allowing you to continue taking the drug.

It’s important to understand that erectile dysfunction medication only treats the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and not the root cause of it. You will need erectile dysfunction pills to ensure that you get an erection, but the risk of erectile dysfunction will always be present if you do not take the pills. That means that you’d have to continue purchasing erectile dysfunction medication for as long as you want to enjoy healthy sex life.


The Easiest Way to Get Erectile Dysfunction Medication


The Size of You-Know-What: How Do You Measure Up?

Fortunately, you can now purchase erectile dysfunction online through the help of a US-based doctor, who will provide you with a prescription after carefully evaluating your health status. A doctor can evaluate your health based on a telehealth survey, and your answers will provide the doctor with an insight into your health, which would help them identify the proper drug and dosage to help you regain your normal sexual function.

It’s important to note that while it’s more convenient to get your prescriptions online, the drug itself is not covered by your health insurance, and you would still need to pay a considerable amount for the pills that you would need.


But what if you can get your consultation, prescription, and your erectile dysfunction medication for FREE?


Male UltraCore, the world’s most advanced male performance-enhancing supplement, now offers FREE erectile dysfunction medication for all of its customers. Male UltraCore members can get a free consultation with a US-based doctor online through a telehealth survey, and provide them with an appropriate prescription for an erectile dysfunction medication. The costs of the consultation, prescription, and erectile dysfunction medication would be covered entirely by Male UltraCore, which would help you save thousands of dollars every year.

Male UltraCore created UltraCore Rx to give their customers exactly what they want and need to achieve the highest level of sexual performance and pleasure, by providing them with cutting-edge testosterone-boosting technology in Male UltraCore, combined with the erectogenic benefits of erectile dysfunction medication.

With this pairing, Male UltraCore members have a short and long-term solution for their sexual health problems. Male UltraCore’s advanced testosterone-boosting technology can help men achieve healthier testosterone levels that would reinforce their sex drive, and help them gain better sexual performance, pleasure, and satisfaction. Male UltraCore has a compounding effect that allows each serving to be more effective than the last, and this helps you build stronger protection against erectile dysfunction and other conditions related to low testosterone.

With the use of both Male UltraCore and UltraCore Rx erectile dysfunction medication, you can have the complete system that would address short-term problems, such as erectile dysfunction, and long-term goals, such as preventing sexual health problems. This would undoubtedly give you the advantage you need to gain the confidence you need to truly enjoy healthy sex life.


How Male UltraCore and UltraCore Rx works


After purchasing Male UltraCore, you will be given a link that would take you to a telehealth survey with questions about your personal health. Your answers would be then evaluated by a US-based doctor, who would (if necessary) provide you with a prescription for an erectile dysfunction medication. In 24-48 hours, you should be able to receive a response from the doctor, and in most cases, customers would not need to interact with the doctor directly, unless the doctor deems it necessary.

Regardless of the dosage or number of pills prescribed by your doctor, Male UltraCore would cover the entirety of the costs of the pills as long as you are a Male UltraCore member. You would then receive your medication in a discreet shipping package about 3-8 days after completing the telehealth survey.


Getting FREE supplements is undoubtedly the most convenient way to get your hands on legal prescription medication for erectile dysfunction – and that’s only on top of getting a truly remarkable supplement that can help you protect your sexual health in the long run. Taking Male UltraCore with FREE UltraCore Rx erectile dysfunction medication will save you a lot of money, and give you the advantage you need to achieve the highest level of sexual performance, pleasure, and satisfaction.

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