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The Best Gifts to Get Her (Based on How Long You’ve Been Dating)

by Rich Emrett
The Best Gifts to Get Her (Based on How Long You’ve Been Dating)


It’s always a bit tricky when birthdays and major holidays come around. You’ve gotta show you care in the perfect way. If you’ve just been together a little while, you don’t want to freak her out with some insane show of affection and sentimentality. If you’ve been together forever, you’re probably running out of ideas and prone to let her down. The good news is that I’m a girl who has gotten plenty of good and bad gifts, so here are a few no-fail go-to gifts for you, based on how long you’ve been kickin’ it.

2 weeks to 2 months

You guys are in the adorable puppy love stage. If you don’t feel like that, you’re in trouble. It really hasn’t been long. There are two ways to fail:

  1. Get her nothing.
  2. Get her way too much.

Do not get her nothing. I repeat, don’t get her nothing! At the same time, any tangible gift is probably going to feel like too much. Don’t go for chocolates and teddy bear – it’s corny and unoriginal. Instead, stay classy and classic. Take her out to a nice dinner. It shouldn’t be a place that requires you to dress up, but somewhere in the dressy-casual range. Look nice. If this isn’t enough, throw in movie tickets.

2 months to 6 months

I love you

This is when a lot of couples start saying “I love you” or at least figuring out if they want to be in it for the long haul. You’re getting serious, and by now, you should know something about her and what she likes.

Don’t get her:

  1. A purse. So not sexy or personal or thoughtful.
  2. Cheap jewelry. She can tell.

Here are a few gifts you simply can’t go wrong with:

  1. A fancy, sexy dress and dinner to match. Bonus points if you buy her lingerie for birthday sex, too.
  2. It’s sexy and sweet.
  3. Something attached to one of her hobbies or interests.
  4. A couple small gifts – like all of her favorite foods for a picnic – and one big gift that’s more sentimental.

6 months to 2 years

By now, you really, really know what she likes, and the really long haul is probably looking pretty possible. If you haven’t said “I love you” at the one-year mark yet, you’re cold! This is the time to get sentimental.

Here are some winners:

  1. A framed picture of you two and a handwritten love letter.
  2. A day trip or weekend trip – think a cute Airbnb (they have lofts, cottages, cabins, etc.!) or a camping and hiking adventure for the more outdoorsy chick
  3. Make her something or do something for her. Think digging a garden and planting her favorite flowers, massively cleaning and romanticizing the bedroom with candles and flower petals and a silk robe for her on the bed, or making her favorite dinner, dessert, and specialty cocktail to fit her personality.

2 years and beyond

2 years and beyond

It’s easier than ever to struggle with ideas at this point. You’ve given quite a few gifts already, and neither of you really “needs” or even “wants” anything. You’re almost beyond gifts. This isn’t a good reason to slack off, though. If anything, you should up your game.

Some good ideas:

  1. A trip somewhere she’s always wanted to go to. If you can’t afford that, think of a way to devote a whole day to that place’s food and culture (AKA going salsa dancing and making a Spanish dinner)
  2. Do something with her she’s always wanted to do but you’ve been putting off.
  3. The perfect date and an engagement ring. (AWWW!)

Happy shopping, guys!

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