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Ten Effective Ways to Maintain Weight Loss

by John Jones
woman in bikini before and after weightloss

If you used to be obese and after rigorous exercise and depriving diet sessions, you know by now that you never want to go back there right? Absolutely.

It’s easy to get carried away especially when it comes to nutrition. Some of you are so caught up between work, family, and life that you barely have enough time to plan what you’d eat. So, it’s the case that even when you plan to go on a particular diet, you just have to change and eat whatever is convenient to get. Apart from this, some others are just so indiscipline that they cannot successfully follow a diet and exercise plan for just a week – it’s that bad!

What about exercises, it’s dreadful for some to the extent that they chicken out of the process in no time. Hence, slipping back into weighty weights.

Who doesn’t want to look fit?

big belly of obese manThe word weight loss I’m sure is in everyone’s dictionary as everyone seems to be in the quest to shed some pounds and look fit. After all, there’s no one who doesn’t desire to have a fit body. Weight loss can be a deliberate attempt to reduce fat accumulation in the body either by dieting or by exercising. That said, it is also important to point out that chronic medical conditions can be responsible for weight loss too. For example, diabetic patients tend to look skinny overtime. So, if you’re losing weight without trying to lose weight consciously, please see a doctor. There could be some illness lurking in the corner of your body.

The benefits of losing weight are quite inexhaustible. The most notable include the fact that it can help improve cardiovascular health and help reduce the risk of complications which relate to obesity.


What’s more, let’s quickly consider factors responsible for why people who tend to lose weight regain it in no time.

  • Wrong orientation

This is largely why most people regain lost weight in no time. They have the mindset that diet is only for a while whereas it’s a long-term plan. So, as soon as they begin to see a positive result, they retract to eating the normal meals they have always been used to.

  • Indiscipline

Most people find it difficult to slip out of feeding habits – junks and all. That is why they just find themselves doing what they used to do that got them where they never liked in the first place. They can sustain new habits like say a diet plan or an exercise schedule.

  • Restrictive diets

Ketogenic diets open up the possibility of the body to produce energy from fat and not carbs. So, sometimes when calorie consumption is low, it affects the body’s metabolism, hence, in the short run, appetite-regulating hormones are forced to adapt consequently leading to weight regain.


Having looked at this, let consider the ten effective ways to maintain weight loss.Ten Effective Ways to Maintain Weight Loss

1. Regular exercise

To constantly maintain your weight, you must be used to exercising. Exercise and workout plan is good as it helps you to burn excess calories and also improve your body metabolism. When you subject your body to regular exercise, you keep your weight in check.

2. Eat lots of proteins

Proteins are bodybuilding foods. So, instead of fats what you get is muscles. Proteins also help you maintain your weight as it increases the level of certain hormones in the body, hence improving satiety. Generally, it promotes fullness of the stomach and increases metabolism too.

3. Be mindful of carb intake

Excess carbs are responsible for fat accumulation and also increase in sugar level which is devastating for insulin production by the pancreas. Hence, you have to reduce the amount of carbs you take on a daily basis. It is important.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals need by the body for optimal functioning. As such, feeding on fruits and veggies helps to stabilize weight and maintaining a balance.

5. Go to the scale 

It’s important that you check what you weigh on a regular and periodic basis. For instance, you may want to make yours weekly, some others can choose twice a month. It helps you know your weight level and if there’s a need to do something about it.

6. Be conscious of your plan

Staying fit is intentional. So, it’s important that you follow through with your plans to stay healthy.

7. Stay hydrated:

Water is quite important for regulating body functions. For weight loss too, it is not an exception.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is also a major weight maintenance mechanism, hence, you should get enough of it.

9. Track food intake

You are what you eat. The more you eat, the more this reflects on your body. So, track every meal that would go into your mouth. Ensure it’s in the right proportion.

10. Deal with setbacks

Setbacks will come on the way. For there might be times you would give in to some unhealthy craving or skip an exercise session because you seem tired. It’s normal, just deal with it and move on.


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