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Stone Cold Solid Conditioning

by Rich Emrett


While there are tons of reality shows which are annoying and clog up the cable channels there are at least a few that may have something to offer. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin host a show that has been running for 3 seasons. He will be the first to tell you that his challenges are, naturally, ‘A Son of A Bitch’. Stone Cold and that catch phrase go way back; however, in this case, it is truth. The Broken Skull Ranch is not for sedentary individuals or even part time gym participants.

This is serious business and only those who have successfully trained through hard core endurance. There is always someone harder or more rugged and there is only one winner each episode. That is not necessarily one of the current participants. In order to win the challenge the best of these must beat the last winner’s time through the final challenge. Otherwise the person who took the top spot in the last episode retains the title. Weeks are alternated so that a group of 8 women compete one week and a group of 8 men the next.

Application Considerations

The Ranch is challenging everyone to compete and auditions are absolutely free. Or are they? You will not need money, but this is not a cost free challenge. Check out a few of the questions on the application to audition.

  • What makes you the ultimate competitor?
  • In what sports or activities do you compete?
  • What is your typical training regimen?
  • What have been your greatest challenges in life?
  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • You must also supply: Emergency Contact with Name; Relationship; Phone Number; and Email as well as a Close Up and an Athletic Photo.

Fact or Fiction

Mr. Austin is a professional wrestling Hall of Famer. While may disagree about the authenticity of today’s version of wrestling, the fact remains that these individuals are 100% athletes. They must be aware of their dietary intake as well as train hard for both endurance and strength. It is not the cake walk many believe it to be.

The Broken Skull Ranch Challenge just aired the 12th episode of its 3rd season. Between Stone Cold and his challengers there is much knowledge to be gained when it comes to fitness. Even if you do not want a chance at the prize money, you can take a tip or to for your health. Most everyone is aware that there are many elements of fitness. You must follow a workout regimen for physical activity and a diet to be sure your body receives the proper nutrition.

Note: The word diet as used here does not indicate weight loss or gain, but maintaining a healthy weight with appropriate consideration to daily nutrient intake.

Ass Kicking Fitness

Keep in mind that for the Challenge itself your entire life must change. The reigning champion who left at the end of The Broken Skull Ranch was Alexander Nicholas, a Spartan Pro athlete. Endurance is not the only important element; however, it is one of the most essential keys. Someone else might be stronger or more powerful, but if that competitor cannot go the distance you may have an advantage.

Strength and Stamina

You must be cautious while building your endurance and progress, not jump to Beast level. After all, he comes by his stamina naturally. Increasing your stamina through the day can also get you into beast mode for those bedroom mattress matches as well.

Sports are generally the best way to go for two crucial reasons. One is that you must possess a high level of stamina to play what must people would argue as true sports. These include the traditional choices like football or soccer and basketball. It can also encompass running, jogging, and swimming.

For an easy option try getting yourself a speed rope. Whichever you choose start at about 20 minutes each time unless you have been completely sedentary. Try to complete this 2 to 3 times each week and increase after every 2 weeks by 10 minutes per session. You can set each session of your endurance training for a longer time frame, if you have been doing it all along anyway. Simply increase by enough time to present your body with a challenge. Do not forget to continue adding more time every 14 days.

The next phase is strength which is another essential key to any type of ass kicking competition. You can always shrink your wallet and join an expensive gym with an instructor to weight train. If these improvements are for yourself, isometrics and basic core training are excellent choices. These exercises cost nothing and definitely strengthen your muscles. This only works when you dedicate yourself, commit to your routine, and complete them properly; however, you will notice your overall health will drastically improve.

Plank Bridge is a good example of a simple isometric exercise. Position your body to do a pushup, but instead balance all of your weight on your hands with your feet extended behind you. Count ten seconds off and repeat 3 times. Crunches are generally the number one recommendation; however, there are many great choices and it is best to implement several different kinds.

Stone Cold’s Solid Conditioning


  • 2-Sets of Dumbbell Shrugs
  • 2-Sets of Barbell Shrugs
  • 2-Sets of Deadlifts (Straight Leg)
  • 6-Sets of Squats


  • 2-Sets on the Incline Bench
  • 4-Sets on the Bench
  • 30 Minutes of Intense Cardio


  • Skip


  • 2-Sets Dumbbell Rows
  • 2-Sets Barbell Rows
  • 2-Sets Barbell Shrugs
  • 2-Sets Dumbbell Shrugs
  • 30 Minutes Intense Cardio


  • 2-Sets of Barbell Presses
  • 2-Sets Dumbbell Press
  • 2-Sets Close-Grip Bench
  • 30 Minutes Cardio





Stone Cold replaced his day workout using bust out 40 reps of squats using 265 pounds, if he was short on time that day. His most important element was cardio because it assisted in improving his endurance during his wrestling career. As far as what routine he follows today a good guess is the same on. The haters in the world may disagree; however, is physique tells a difference story. Another section from the Stone Cold compendium is to strictly follow a kinesthetic diet which is a crab cycling type of menu.

Note: All of the proceeding suggestions are simply that, suggestions or ideas. You should always consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise regimen or new diet. There are many variables at play such as age and past as well as present health condition. You could irreparably injure yourself or exacerbate an existing health condition.

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