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Squirting: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

by Rich Emrett
Squirting: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

I’ll tell you up front: you might be a little disappointed with this article. Or it might tell you exactly what you were expecting. Regardless of how you feel about it, squirting is real. It might just not be what you thought it was.

Squirting, AKA female ejaculation, has become this radically intriguing myth in the world of sex. It’s one thing when you make her cum. It’s a whole new ball game when you make her squirt. You’ve heard it’s pee, you’ve heard it’s female ejaculate, you’ve heard it’s a total myth. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about squirting.


Porn has massively popularized squirting, and some women brag about being “squirters” or having such awesome sex that they just can’t help but squirt. It’s like a sex god badge for you if you can make it happen, but don’t get so puffed up yet. Female ejaculation and squirting are two totally different things, and female ejaculation is a lot less exciting or visible than squirting.

Squirting happens when you apply a heavy amount of pressure to a woman’s G-spot over erectile tissue and the urethra’s glands. If a woman hunkers down with her pelvic muscles, her chances of squirting are way higher. Squirting is, in some sense, teachable. With a little practice, you and your partner can probably make it happen. And your partner could easily fake it, because, as it turns out, squirting is really easy to fake. Here’s why.

Basically, the angle between the urethra and the bladder is flattened out when she adjusts her position just right – making it a hell of a lot harder for her to hold her pee in.

You read that right. Squirting is peeing. Yep. That gushing liquid? It’s pee. Women have been lab-tested upon squirting, and what comes out isn’t female ejaculate – it’s urine. Samuel Salama, a French gynecologist, preformed ultrasounds of seven squirters during orgasm. He and his fellow researchers also collected the fluid that came out. Images of the bladder showed it had emptied, and tests of the liquid proved it was urine.8-b

Some women, though, also had a bit of PSA, a thick liquid released from what is essentially the female prostate. Female ejaculation occurs during orgasms, so it is real, but it doesn’t squirt out and it’s so little you can’t really tell it’s happening. You can’t really tell if you’re giving your partner an earth-shattering orgasm unless she tells you or shows you in other ways – like moaning and trembling and saying “holy fucking shit.”

Still, if squirting is exciting for you and your partner, go for it. The urethra is pretty full of sensitive nerve endings, so the argument that squirting makes for a better orgasm isn’t totally bunk. As it turns out, peeing during orgasm can be pretty damn erotic. Women who never squirt basically have better control of their bladders, which isn’t such a bad thing either.

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