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Sneakers to Blow Ya Socks Off!

by Rich Emrett
Sneakers to Blow Ya Socks Off!

Guys, we all wear sneakers. We all gotta look funky-fresh and keep up appearances with the homies as well as the catties.

No-one wants to look like a tramp now do they? If we are honest with ourselves, you would agree.
And let’s face it now, what do girls look for in a man? BIG shoes! (Of course, duh!)
‘Cus we all know what big shoes mean, right? BIG SOCKS! Ha! No, dick head – big feet = big schlong. DING DONG!

The same applies to the ladies:
Listen up – you know what I am saying. A girl may look down to check out the size: which not only indicates what you are packing and establishes whether or not they wanna move forward witchya! (If you wanna understand how the female mind works anyway . . .)

But hey, if a lady looks down there and sees Family Dollar’s brand being sported then let’s face it – you are screwed.

Not only do they wanna know the size of your junk, but they also wanna know the size of your wallet, and this boils down to the expense it takes to keep looking good and taking care of oneself.
A woman needs to make sure that you can do the same for her and they sure as hell ain’t goin’ for a guy who is not wearing something stylish.
(Maybe not all girls – on a rarity, you may find a blind girl who is down-to-earth and looks for what is inside and blah blah blah) But come now, let’s be realistic here – this is a one in a million opportunity!

So here is a compiled list of a bunch of must-haves to make life easier – you don’t have to do anything!
(We know y’all love having things done for ya) This is how you can literally WALK into a room and blow minds . . .


Now; these are all typical brands that everyone has heard of and to be honest, if you do not own at least one pair of one of these labels then this may take the work and a fairy godmother!
You can even design your own, and if you visit the links provided, you can have custom made shoes – with different patterns, designs, colors. There is a whole world of sneakers out there that perhaps you never knew existed!

It all depends on what you wish for your feet to say about you. There is no need to look like everyone else!

But there are brands that show a little more thought has gone into your style – get what I am saying? Yes, indeed, they break the bank more than just going down the local sports shop and getting yourself the bargain pair just for the sake of not walking around barefoot like Jesus Christ – but this proves that you can splash out, enjoy who you are and endure a little luxury.

But for the real gentlemen who look good in leather, here are some sexier sneaker brands:

Louis Vuitton
Giuseppe Zanotti

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better . . . Along came animated sneakers. Now these are some serious next level shit, dawg!

Futuristic just got real.

Got a smartphone? Now you can control the appearance of your sneakers like a remote control for a T.V!

“. . . Each pair of ShiftWear sneakers features always-on E Ink displays, similar to those found in e-readers. The built-in batteries are designed to last up to 30 days, depending on the type of visuals set. Static images will consume little-to-no power, while animated graphics would be expected to drain batteries much faster, especially with increased complexity or frequency. But the team creating these kicks plans to incorporate wireless charging capabilities, as well as “Walk-N-Charge” technology that lets the shoes charge up with every step.”

Now you really CAN have Nicholas Cage’s face on everything!

Some say wear your heart on your sleeve but that shit is for soppy ass butterflies. Dudes step on that pussy crap and say: “Rock your personality on your feet!”

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