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Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Semenax

by Rich Emrett

About Semenax

preview-full-shutterstock_261500684When it comes to the creation of various products that are claimed to improve your sex life, you can rely on the male enhancement industry to do its job. One of the most interesting sexual supplements we’ve seen is Semenax. It is a product that claims to not only enhance your sexual functions, but also significantly boost the amount of your semen during ejaculation.

Male enhancement products that boost the quantity of your ejaculation is pretty typical, though, but Semenax is the only supplement we have seen that is particularly developed to augment the amount of a man’s semen during ejaculation. Based on the information from sources, the sexual pleasure experienced by men during ejaculation is extended and strengthened by the quantity of semen ejaculated. Regardless of its accuracy, there are couples who will actually enjoy greater amount of semen released during sex. Call it a sexual fetish. This article aims to get to know the product further to know if it really works in boosting the quantity of your ejaculation.

What are the Components?

The ingredient profile of Semenax does not really differ from most male enhancement products out there. This includes:

Horny Goat Weed
Vitamin E
Pumpkin seed
Muira Puama
Cranberry Extract
Avena Sativa
Butea Superba
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Aspertate
These are quite a lot, actually. While having a long list of components may seem striking, the truth is 15 various components in a single pill would make the entire formulation less effective. In this case, too many is really not a good thing as it would compromise the efficiency of each of the ingredient since their dose and concentration would have to be sacrificed, as well.

Moreover, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, and Maca Root are all components that are deemed to be effectual. Plus, most of the greatest male enhancement products have them, but they’re contained in high concentration, so that the potency of these components is highlighted.
But with the low concentration of these ingredients in Semenax’s formula, you are required to consume five to six servings of Semenax in order to enjoy the benefits of its components. But this also means that you will also be taking five to six times more of the other components that are not that necessary. This can trigger stomach issues and can negatively affect your digestion. Or it can trigger side effects or allergies.

preview-full-shutterstock_579729145 (4)Going over Semenax and its ingredients, it really brings promising benefits as far augmented ejaculation is concerned since it contains diuretic components Sarsaparilla and Zinc, ingredients that can boost your production of semen. This is because your semen is composed of a large part of fluid that comes from the bladder. This is why diuretic components in Semenax’s formula make sense.

Furthermore, the addition of zinc to the product’s formulation is another story. Essentially, zinc is one of the vital minerals necessary in order to boost the production of testosterone in the body. Zinc is actually ejected during ejaculation, which means that the more zinc you have, the more seminal fluid you release. On the other hand, this only applies if you suffer from zinc deficiency. If not, the presence of zinc wouldn’t do anything to increase your quantity of seminal fluid.

What’s the Conclusion?

If Semenax had only just concentrated on its primal objective of increasing the quantity of seminal fluid during ejaculation, things would be much greater. But instead, its creators loaded its formula with lots of aphrodisiacs and testosterone enhancers, loading the formula with so many ingredients in one serving. But the greatest male enhancement products are already capable of that. We think that Semenax will have a greater chance if it invests all its components for the purpose of augmenting the amount of ejaculation during sex. After all, customers are looking for something new. Plus, as mentioned, though there are ingredients here that show promise in increasing the amount of seminal fluid, the addition of many other ingredients sacrifice the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

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