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Reviewing Instinct Vigorous’ Effectiveness

by Rich Emrett

About Instinct Vigorous

Instinct Vigorous is a male enhancement product that comes from China. Through numerous online resellers, we’ve come to know about this supplement. When we tried to research where this product could be purchased, but a simple Google search showed many online sellers in the US that have online stores with the use of Pinterest. Instinct Vigorous is not like other products we’ve reviewed, mainly because we don’t much about it. It is not largely distributed, doesn’t have customer feedbacks, and doesn’t even have a list of its components. But since it exists in some online stores, people still need to know what Instinct Vigorous is all about by using whatever information is available.


Of course it is not shocking at all that many individuals would find male enhancement pills from China worth a try. Male enhancement originated from China after all. If there’s anything unique about male enhancement, trust that the Chinese knows. Basically, male enhancement’s most effectual component is Yin Yang Huo or Horny Goat Weed. This herb has been used traditionally for hundreds of years. On the other hand, being a China-manufactured product doesn’t automatically signify that the product is completely effective. There are still many factors to consider, which are:

Is this Efficient?

Basically, there is no information provided on the product label, not even the components contained. All it states is that the supplement aids in addressing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. Having been exposed to the male enhancement world, we’re aware of a number of components that could possibly obtain these results, but the one we’re aware of being a solution to premature ejaculation is not accessible in China. We’re talking about Maca Root, which naturally originates from Central to South America. With this, we don’t think the manufacturer of Instinct Vigorous in China would use an important component.

119aWhat made us notice this supplement are the guidelines as to its suggested dosage. The instructions say that consumers should take a capsule of Instinct Vigorous around an hour before having sex. Moreover, it states that the results generated by the supplement could last up to 72 hours. There is a reminder saying that the consumer must not ingest another capsule around 48 hours after ingesting the prior dose.

With this, we can only think of how this bears similarity to erectile dysfunction medications Viagra and Cialis. Hence, if it is loaded with prescription drugs, there could be possible major side effects to those who use it. Considering that there’s no product label with a list of components, it’s not really wise to take something with zero knowledge of what it contains. This could lead to risks of allergies, interactions, and even serious medical repercussions.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Generally, choosing the right kind of male enhancement pill is crucial. You don’t want it to interfere with your health or even cause medical impairments. For this reason, knowing the ingredients is important. This way, you’re aware of what goes in your body and you can set an expectation of how certain ingredients can affect your body.

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