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The prostate is part of the male reproductive system situated right under the bladder and before the rectum.

It can develop inflammations and while different medical strategies exist to treat prostatitis (prostate inflammation), certain medical or nonmedical practitioners perform a prostate massage.


Other practitioners suggest that massaging the prostate can ease certain issues related to an inflamed prostate, providing advantages including regulated urine flow and improved sexual function.

Here the suggestions on whether a prostate massage is the best solution will be analyzed.


What is prostate massage therapy?


Prostate massage involves massaging the male prostate and could either be for medical or therapeutic reasons. The utilization of this therapy could be suggested for a range of conditions. Such conditions involve erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis.

This therapy is sometimes referred to as drainage, and it usually takes a lot of time. It targets to “wring out” the prostate.


The benefits of prostate massage therapy include:


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Prostatic massage is suggested to help in clearing the prostatic duct. This duct/pipeline is found between your prostate and the other parts of your reproductive and urinary system. Massaging could result in producing a spontaneous fluid secretion which could help in clearing the duct of fluids as well. Therefore eliminating any symptoms you could be experiencing.


Medical analysis reports do not fully support the use of prostate massage.


Many findings of prostate massage advantages result from small case studies. More of these findings require more testing before they can be applied as a standard medical practice.


The reports that have been concerned with the use of prostate massage have been quite small and not conclusive. Giving the reason why certain doctors do not agree with the use of prostate massage therapy.


Regardless, some particular men might have advantages with prostate massage. Men with certain conditions may get a sort of relief when using prostate massage, conditions such as:


Painful ejaculation


Prostate massage therapy could ease fluid obstructions in your reproductive system. These blockages could be the cause of the discomfort or pain you experience while ejaculating. They might be eliminated through massage.


Erectile dysfunction


Now there are more modern treatment options that are used by men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but before all they were, prostate massage therapy and stimulation were used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Some people still practice it even today as well as other treatments for ED and some practice it alone. More main treatments for erectile dysfunction involve medications, pumps, and implants.


Urine flow


The prostate is just around the urethra. As inflammation in the prostate continues to grow, it might start to narrow or completely obstruct the flow of urine. If prostate massage therapy aids the elimination of some of the inflammation or swelling, it will result in an improved flow of urine.




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Before the availability of more specialized treatments such as antibiotics, prostate massage therapy was the main treatment for prostatitis. Since the various disorders that lead to prostatitis diagnosis have been more understood, treatments for this condition have become more specialized.


Risks associated with prostate massage therapy


Medical practitioners are not widely in support of prostate massage. It has not been revealed to be more efficient than the currently existing treatments. Although a lot of men seem to find it relieving when this treatment option is used instead, it could be alone or with other treatment options. You would most commonly find that men use both, that is, prostate massage therapy along with antibiotics.


Anyone that performs prostate massage therapy with little to no formal training could cause serious dangers to your reproductive system.  For instance, if the prostate is massaged too vigorously or with pressure more than required, it could rather cause your symptoms to increase or cause new complications.


An electronic prostate massager is not advised to be used without proper training and guidelines from a medical professional. A lot of electronic massagers are advertised for today for sales. A lot of them are advertised as sex toys. Some men find stimulation of the prostate pleasurable.




Speaking with your doctor before attempting this therapy is very important to know what you can expect. Very often, it is needed to plan for more than one session of prostate massage for several weeks to even several months because just one session does not usually help with most medical complications.


You may experience temporary relief from symptoms you might have been going through which might come back in some hours or days. Right after the next massage therapy, the symptoms might leave again. When you go more frequently for massages, the symptoms could return less quickly.

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