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Old Man Sex: What You Need to Prepare For

by John Jones
Old Man Sex: What You Need to Prepare For

Is anyone excited about getting old?


Everyone knows what happens when you get older. Your hair starts to thin out, you gain weight, you get loose skin everywhere, and by the time you hit your 60s, you probably lose all your interest to have sex.

Imagine being in your sixties, retired, with nothing to do, and you remember how great your life used to be when you were in your twenties; when you had the freedom to go out, meet women, experience the thrill of the chase, and end up having the wildest sex of your life.

Here’s one thing that people never mention about aging men – they remember the best moments of their youth. That means that as you get older, you may remember the things that used to excite you, and no matter how badly you want to relive those days, you’re just too old to do something about it. Most guys just accept it for what it is, and it’s depressing to think that most men will be in that situation a few years from now.


Can older men have a healthy sex life?


Absolutely, but it will be very challenging to have a healthy sex life. According to statistics, more than 60% of men over 60 have never had sex in the last 12 months – and this statistic includes men who are happily married to their spouses.

It’s the normal progression of life for men. As men get older, testosterone levels deteriorate, and changes in sexual behavior are all too common. The body deteriorates along with declining testosterone levels, and that ultimately results in certain physiological and psychological changes such as:


  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Reduced sensitivity to sexual stimuli
  • Delayed or retarded ejaculation
  • Longer refractory period


All of these factors could drastically lower your confidence. Most men over 60 consciously avoid having sex in fear of having any of these problems occur during intimate moments.

What most men do not realize is that these problems take a long time to develop. It takes years for your sexual health to deteriorate to reach such a point that you avoid having sex altogether, but most men end up having these problems by the time they hit their sixties.


Protecting your sexual health


Old Man Sex: What You Need to Prepare For

If you want to set yourself up to have a healthy sex life when you get older, you need to lay the groundwork while you’re young. Testosterone levels decline as men get older, and over the years, the impact of having lower testosterone levels build up. You start losing muscle mass, you feel weaker, you get tired easily, and you gradually lose your interest in sex. All of these can happen before you reach your sixties, and what you do during your younger years could greatly impact how your body ages.

Securing your testosterone levels when you’re young helps you to overcome the deterioration that comes with having low testosterone levels. Even when you don’t experience any of the common signs of low testosterone, you should assume that your testosterone levels are declining as you get older – because it does.

Here’s what you can do to retain and increase your testosterone levels:


Regular exercise


Old Man Sex: What You Need to Prepare For

Don’t underestimate the benefits of regular exercise to your health. There’s a reason why doctors recommend regular exercise – and it’s not just for you to lose weight. Regular exercise can help preserve your muscle mass, and this contributes to preserving your testosterone levels as well.


Have your testosterone levels checked


Most guys are unaware that they have low testosterone levels until they test their testosterone levels. In the early stages of low testosterone levels, you may not notice the changes in your body, and having your testosterone levels checked as you get older would give you a definitive answer about your testosterone levels.


Take male performance-enhancing supplements


Taking premium male performance-enhancing supplements when you’re still young and active will help prevent the most common sexual health problems as you get older. Male performance-enhancing supplements, such as Male UltraCore, contain powerful ingredients that can help increase and sustain your testosterone levels. The best part of it is you get to enjoy the benefits of having optimum testosterone levels when you’re still young, and this could give you better energy, muscle growth, libido, and erection quality. The key is to take these supplements daily, for as long as you want, and this will effectively protect your sexual health as you get older.




Having a healthy sex life is still possible, even for men over 60, and that depends on what you did when you were young to protect your sexual health. The longer you wait to protect your sexual health, the more challenging it will be to maintain a healthy sex life when you get older. Think of it as an investment for your sexual health, and probably, it will be one of the best investments you’ve made in your life.


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