by John Jones
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The journey to weight loss might not seem very easy and there are or will be certain moments when you feel as if you are making all the effort, yet the results are not forthcoming.

There is a possibility that you are doing something wrong either by following a wrong theory, that is an advice backed up without research, or not paying attention to details.

Here we will be highlighting common mistakes made by people without realizing it’s the wrong way to lose weight.

Giving attention ONLY to the Scale Weightweighing scale

A normal experience is the feeling that you may not be losing any weight or probably not as fast as you would like to, regarding how disciplined you have been with your diet.

It is important to take note and remember that the value weight on the weight scale is just one method of identifying weight gain or weight loss. Your weight is affected by various factors, including fluid changes and the amount of food left in your system.

Interestingly, your weight value even changes during the day; this is of course dependent on the food and liquid quantity you have taken in.

If the weight value reading on the scale is not changing, it is very possible that you certainly lost fat but your body is retaining water. The good news is that there are various methods to reduce water weight.

In addition, regularly working out may have gained you muscle mass and lost fat.

In this situation, your outfits might begin to feel loose, particularly at the waist area, even with an unchanged weight scale reading.

Measure your waist and other body parts with a measuring tape and you can also take monthly pictures of yourself to actually monitor if you are on your way to achieving your goal of losing fat, regardless of whether the scale value remains unchanged or doesn’t have a significant change.


Lack of exercise or over-exercising

While trying to lose weight, you are bound to reduce muscle mass along with fat mass but the rate is dependent on many elements.

In a situation where you do not do any physical activities or workout at all and still avoid calories, you tend to reduce in muscle mass and have a reduction in your metabolic rate.

Working out supports to reduce the rate of lean mass lost, support loss of fat, and increase your metabolic rate. The ease of losing weight and maintaining it is dependent on the amount of lean mass you have.

In some cases, a situation where you over-exercise can result in complications as well.

Research reveals that over-exercising is hard to maintain in the long term for a lot of people and could result in alleviating stress. Also, it might influence the secretion of adrenaline which regulates the stress response.

Pushing your body beyond its limit to burn calories by over-exercising is not effective neither is it any good for your health.

Regularly lifting weights and performing cardiovascular exercises a number of times weekly are strategies to maintaining a regulated workout lifestyle and metabolic rate while trying to lose weight.


No weight liftingweightlifting

Trying out resistance training exercises is necessary when trying to lose weight.

Research reveals that weight lifting is one very effective exercise perfect for increasing muscle mass and metabolism. It as well enhances the entire composition of the body and aids the reduction of belly fat.

Research found that the best method of weight loss is a combination of medium-intensity exercise and weightlifting.


Unrealistic expectations

Weight loss and other health-associated goals aid in keeping you motivated.

In some cases, having an unrealistic expectation can actually influence the process negatively.

Give yourself expectations that realistic and reasonable. For instance do not go checking out your body in the mirror after every workout session, give yourself a month at least before analyzing your body. This could aid in preventing discouragement and increase your chances for success.


Being ignorant about food labels

You need to read the label information of foods before consuming so as to avoid consuming unwanted calories and unhealthy contents in the food.

Sadly, a lot of food labels contain healthy-sounding claims on the front package. These claims might misguide you in giving a fake sense of security about making a choice on a particular item.

To acquire the vital information for controlling your weight, it is necessary to give attention to the ingredients and nutrition facts label that could both be found on the back of the product packaging.



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