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Making Your Woman Crazy In The Bed! 6 Foreplays That Will Do The Trick For You

by AFP

Unlike men, women are not easily aroused for sex. Women can easily arouse their partner by wearing hot lingerie, but it does not work that way for men. Women often need a little warm-up session to get them ready for sexual intercourse.

This is where foreplay can work out for men. Men can get their women crazy with some foreplay techniques. The foreplay techniques will make her beg you for more and more sex on the bed. And, both of you will enjoy prolonged sexual intercourse.

Here are the six foreplays for men that can drive women crazy in bed.

  1. Focus on other parts of the body besides sexual organs

Like I’ve said before, you need to broaden your mind about how you perceive sex. Most of the men act desperate and greedy for sex, which can quickly turn off women in the bed. Do not be quick to play with her sexual organs from the very beginning and avoid staring at her breasts early.

To start things off, it’s recommended for men to play with other parts of their partner’s body at first. Caress other parts, such as stomachs, arms, and legs in the beginning. This will give your partner a time to prepare herself for more and more. By doing this, you also show to your partner that you care for her.

Love is very important for mind-blowing sex, and by caressing her body parts, you are displaying the signs of affection for her.

  1. Keep her guessing

Making Your Woman Crazy In The Bed! 6 Foreplays That Will Do The Trick For YouWomen love to anticipate. As a male sex partner, you should try your best to make your female partner anticipate. As you go on caressing her body parts, your woman will begin to notice the erection. If you have difficulty in achieving a strong erection, check out erectile dysfunction exercises.

When the height of sexual arousal increases, she will be expecting you to touch her erotic zones. During this time, you must take advantage and start undressing her. After doing this, your woman will be more erotic, and she will begin to anticipate your next move. This anticipation will increase her desire to spend more time with you in bed.

  1. Play with her thighs

The inner thighs of women are one of the most sensitive parts. Try to play with her thighs to arouse her more. If you are having problems with sexual performance and drive, you can consume top male enhancement supplements to boost your performance and drive.

Go slow when you are playing with her inner thighs. Just play at a slow rate and see her breathing increase as you touch her. Caressing her thighs will stimulate her genitals, which will increase her cravings for sexual intercourse. She will want more of you when you increase her sexual arousal by gently caressing her thighs.

  1. Balance dirty talking and complementing

Men love to talk dirty, and it’s a fact. During sexual intercourse, men may keep on talking dirty, which can turn women off. One more mistake can be that men can keep on complementing again and again, which can again turn their partner off. After all, both are in bed for having sex.

It’s important for men to strike a balance between dirty talking and complementing. If you manage to strike a balance between dirty talking and complementing, you will make her feel hot and adorable.

  1. Keep on experimenting

Making Your Woman Crazy In The Bed! 6 Foreplays That Will Do The Trick For YouIt’s important for you to keep on experimenting on the bed with your partner. To do that, you must keep on moving. Try to caress various parts of your partner’s body to find the spot that arouses her the most.

And, do not make a mistake to play with a single body part during sexual intercourse. Doing so will make your partner bored.

  1. Prepare her for later

You may be planning to have sex after a while with your partner. For better sexual intercourse later, it’s recommended to warm her up early. Play with her erogenous zones while you’re enjoying a movie scene, or just hold her when you’re in a dinner.

Doing all these activities can make her excited about sex later after your program is over. You will be amazed to see her after you reach home if you warm her up early before sex. She will be excited to have sexual intercourse with you right after reaching home.


It’s truly impossible to understand each other completely, but a relationship can be gradually improved if both partners attempt to understand each other gradually. According to a credible study, one of the major causes of divorce is a lack of sexual frequency.

The traditional method of sexual intercourse will not give you the desired sexual pleasure in the long run. It’s important to spice things up to make your sex life interesting. The six foreplays that I have mentioned will help you enhance your sex-life. In addition to these six foreplays, women can also research how to get their male partner excited on the bed.

If there are some serious problems related to your sex life, it’s important that you consult your doctor.

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