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How to Rock Her Pregnant World

by Rich Emrett
How to Rock Her Pregnant World


You are so hot and heavy with your partner that you have created a human that is now growing inside of her…. What now? A lot of Dads in waiting are nervous about how their sex lives will be for the next nine months, will there even be any sex? Will my dick just poke the baby to death in the womb if I go to town on her like I use to? Your partner will be undergoing a lot of hormonal change in her body once pregnant. Her estrogen levels are about to skyrocket as is common in pregnancy, which automatically boosts her libido, so you lover is about to be maybe the horniest she has ever been. As months go on there are anatomical changes and difficulties like the massive baby bump that will force you to get a little creative with how you will satisfy her all-time high sex drive despite her feeling like a beached whale and looking like a she ate a globe in one bite.

She will have more vaginal lubrication, which will be a total plus, at least one thing to make the intercourse easier instead of more difficult. Her breasts will be very, very sensitive so go easy on her until she asks for more pressure or attention to the nipples. Months 4-6 are known as the sexiest trimester. In the beginning she may just be tired and feeling pretty nauseous, months 4-6 she is in her prime, still not huge but not throwing up and sleeping constantly either.

Here are some tips for 4 months and on:

12-bThe sex is safe

Seriously, you already got her pregnant and if that was the goal congratulations, if it wasn’t well you get 9 months of worry free unprotected sex to enjoy. Some women will experience bleeding during and after intercourse in the first trimester, don’t panic the cervix is swollen and can become easily irritated during this stage. Still always consult your doctor upon any spotting occurrence. As long as you aren’t whistling directly into her vaginal canal during oral sex, the baby is totally protected by amniotic fluid and the cervix completely.

12-aSexual spooning

Give it to her from behind while laying side by side. This is a completely underrated position, it gives you the opportunity to hold her while penetrating and use the other hand to easily reach the clit or her nipples. It gives her a feeling of support and security and gives you a good chance to get in the back door (with her consent of course).

Using the couch

It will be exciting to do it somewhere that isn’t just the bedroom. Have her place her belly on some pillows and kneeling putting her hands on the back of the couch facing the wall. You can penetrate her from behind like this also.

Table or bed edge

Find the correct surface for your height and lay your pregnant partner on her back scooting her up to the edge for penetration. This way you can still be on top but without putting pressure on her stomach.


You will have sex against post baby, after delivery it may be the toughest time to have sex like you use to. Make the most of the pregnancy sex, the lining of the vagina will thin out after birth and it is optimal to wait a full six weeks after giving birth to have intercourse again, including oral sex. Let her heal while you spoil the newborn.

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