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How to Get Her Off: 5 Go-To Positions

by Rich Emrett
How to Get Her Off: 5 Go-To Positions


Let’s get real. If you think you’re getting her off with a bunch of basic positions and little clitoral play, chances are she’s faking it. You know those sex scenes where she gets off damn-near right away? And then over and over again? Fake. Sorry, guys.

Great sex just isn’t that easy. But it can be if you’re willing to learn a little. Get out a notebook and jot these positions down… then get her all the way to O-land, over and over, for real. She’ll thank you, and loudly.

    1. The Criss-Cross

So you’re both lying down. She’s on her back, you’re on your side. Drape her legs over your middle so you’re a giant X. Since you’re not totally squished together, you’ve got easy access to reach down and rub her clit, which is what she really needs to get the O.

    1. The Coital Alignment Technique


If it sounds scientific, that’s because it is. Psychotherapist Edward Eichel popularized this position, which according to some, should be the “greatest sex position in the world.” Start in missionary but don’t rest on your elbows – use your full body weight to push into her and move forward so the base of your penis is in contact with her clit. Wrap her legs around your thighs. Together, rock back and forth for optimal clitoral stimulation.

    1. Legs In the Sky

This one’s sexy. Push her legs up and rest her ankles on your shoulders. Not only are you stretching her out, but you’re also getting deeper inside her, which you’re both going to enjoy a hell of a lot more than typical missionary. And you’re hitting the G-spot. Pro tip? Encourage her to finger herself while you’re doing this to hit the O tag-team style.

    1. Reverse Cowgirl

It’s a win-win situation when you get a hot as hell view of her ass while she’s in control on how fast and hard you go. If she leans forward, you’ll get an even better view, and she’ll be able to stimulate her clit even more. This position is one of the best when it comes to fingering her or letting her finger herself to really push her over the edge and into total, earth-shaking pleasure.

    1. Doggie Style


Once again, if you’re an ass guy, this one’s pretty damn enjoyable. You’re at a great angle to stimulate her G-spot. It’s also really, really easy to reach around her to stimulate her clit or for her to do it while you grind deeper and deeper into her.As you can probably tell from a glance at any of these positions, the key to getting her there is stimulating the clit, whether it’s you doing it, her, or a vibrator. The best sex is orgasmic sex, and there’s nothing more rewarding than making her shake and moan and then passing out exhausted together. Get it!

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