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There are a lot of studies showing that your partner loves you for more than just your penis size, but you and many other men seem to have a lot of difficulties accepting this fact.

If your partner is a female, she may want a certain size, but even more so, she would love if you were funny, faithful, and used a lot of foreplay. This article will discuss the notion of Allison Davis’ essay discussing the virtues of a man who has “Big Dick Energy (BDE)”. And no, you do not have to have a large penis to acquire and cultivate this energy. For that matter, you don’t even need a penis to have BDE. Women have it, too. Though it is a term geared toward men, it has nothing to do with an actual penis.

Let’s discuss more about this mentality and the ways you can grow it.


Overall, Davis says, those with BDE have a quiet confidence that emanates from them without any effort. They are sure of themselves because they have a large penis and are fully able to wield it. These men are not arrogant or power-hungry but secure in their abilities and overall worth.

While this sounds like everything you would believe about a man who has a large penis, Davis makes a very clear distinction.

She says that BDE is an overall vibe and it is not based on your physical attributes. There are many men who have large penises but do not have BDE. These men come across as very small and insecure. And yet, there are others who have small to average penis sizes who have BDE so large it is hard to contain. If you were to disrobe these men, you would be surprised to find they do not have a large penis.

HOW TO CARRY YOURSELF LIKE A MAN WHO’S CARRYING A BIG PENISBDE is all about your feelings of your own self-worth and how you present yourself. You do not need the physical assets, you must only act as if you do. BDE is an internal ruler and how tall you are determines how large your energy is. It has nothing to do with how you look, what kind of car you drive, or how many sexual partners you have had, BDE is about knowing you are the man and not needing anyone else to validate that.

When you have an understated confidence and no need to boast about yourself, you are a man with BDE.


Someone with BDE has a very relaxed way of being confident. They will not be shy, quiet, or arrogant. You will not see a person with BDE compensating for anything as they are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

This person walks with a hint of an attitude, but this is just their natural confident swagger. It isn’t used to garner attention, but is just the walk of someone who knows themselves and makes no apologies. They are not a person prone to asking for permission to do anything. They are not begging people to accept them or to tell them their clothing looks nice. They value their opinion over other’s and boost their own ego.

Those with BDE radiate a charming and sincere energy that pulls people to them. They seem put-together and in control of their lives. Often, they are well-liked and add positivity to others lives with little to no effort.


While this term and its associated behaviors pale in comparison to BDE, yes, some people have begun using LDE. These people are those who are annoying, petty, arrogant, and in-your-face. They are the exact opposite of someone who has BDE. They have a great need to prove they are more than they are and do not mind forcing their “greatness” onto others.

Like many with low confidence, these people are often quite loud. They may seem to be the person ruling the room, but really they are just adding a lot of noise. You don’t want to be like these men as they hold no power because they are trying to get it from others.


Some may say you are born with BDE, while others believe you can cultivate it. This article will take the “you can cultivate it” path and give you some ways to do so.

HOW TO CARRY YOURSELF LIKE A MAN WHO’S CARRYING A BIG PENISFirst, know yourself. The biggest facet of BDE is the person knows themselves better than anyone else could ever know them. They accept their weaknesses, work to turn them into strengths, and are completely comfortable with all of their different aspects. Those with BDE aren’t looking for the newest trends or phrases. They are not looking for anyone else’s validation because they have a self-love that can’t be dimmed. To know yourself and accept yourself for exactly who you are is how you start learning to have BDE.

Second, exude confidence. Walk as if you have been to a place before or met new people before. Aim to be sincere, relaxed, and somewhat, above petty discussions. Though, not in an arrogant way. BDE is very subtle and powerful. Because those with it have nothing to prove, they have no reason to be arrogant or patronizing. When you know yourself and believe in yourself, those are great ways to begin developing your own BDE.

Third, know what you love and love it no matter who doesn’t. Don’t let someone else’s negative opinion dim your positive opinion about an activity, person, or situation. If someone says they hate your favorite TV show, don’t start bashing it. Just shrug and tell them everyone has their own opinion, but this is your favorite show. Keep it cool, non-confrontational and matter-of-fact. Don’t apologize for liking what you like. Your life is your own and you will never be repeated again.

Remember, people with BDE don’t ask permission to enjoy life.


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