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Habits That Are Affecting Your Sexual Health

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smoking is bad for your health

We are creatures, so it’s in our nature to create habits that play vital roles in our lives. However, as we all know, some habits can be more destructive than others. What you may not know though, that simple behavioral habits can also negatively affect your sexual health, increasing your chances of dissatisfaction, frustration and even the humiliation of being unable to perform.

Implementing health habits is the key to sexual health which includes:

Quit Smoking

In addition to hardening the arteries in your heart and drastically increasing your chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer, smoking can also negatively affect your sexual health. In a research study published by the British Journal of Urology International, researchers examined the correlation between smoking and sexual health in men. The research study took place male participants who quit smoking cigarettes recently and were in the process of overcoming their nicotine addiction. These participants were enrolled in an 8-week smoking cessation program which used a nicotine patch as its major form of treatment. The results of these participants were then compared to those who were unsuccessful in quitting smoking.

While men who successfully quit smoking reported a 75% erectile dysfunction remission rate, men who were unsuccessful in quitting only reported a 61% erectile dysfunction remission rate. Therefore, if you are a smoker you are at an increased risk of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and this condition can affect your sexual relationships and sexual health. Additionally, a research study published by Oncotarget revealed that men who have erectile dysfunction and placed an increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future.

Your journey to addressing your smoking addiction and quitting can also begin your journey to better sexual health.

Get a good night’s sleep

Trying to fit work, social responsibilities like parenting and other social commitments into 24 hours can be very challenging, and as a result, we are forced to stay up to complete our responsibilities. However, getting less than the mandated 7-9 hours of sleep each night by staying up late can affect your sexual performance.

Habits That Are Affecting Your Sexual HealthThe Journal of the American Medical Association published a research study in 2011 that analyzed the effect of sleep deprivation on testosterone levels. Participants consisted of 10 men who engaged in structured sleeping schedules and gave blood for analysis after each sleeping session. This study revealed that testosterone levels decreased by 10 to 15% after the participants endured a one week of sleep deprivation that restricted their sleep to 5 hours per night. Having low testosterone increases your chances of experiencing infertility, fewer erections and can also lower your libido. Also, low testosterone levels can cause your body to undergo physical changes as well such weight gain, fatigue, and fragility in your bones and emotional changes like depression, which can also impact your sexual health.

Exercise and Binge-Watching

Exercise goes a long way in keeping your body in great health which includes sexual health as well. In a study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers looked into the association of sexual health with exercise. The research was conducted amongst 295 who responded to a survey which allowed research to indicate how often they exercised. The research shows that the participants who reported exercising more frequently showed significantly better sexual and erectile functioning. Participants who exercised more than 18 hours a week reports a 17.3 higher function score in regard to their sexual and erectile health.

If you needed more motivation to go ahead and get active, a research study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine examined the effect that binge watching TV shows can have on semen quality. Participants answered a questionnaire as an inquiry into how much hours a week they spent watching TV and how often they engaged in exercise. Their semen quality was also examined in regard to their sperm count, motility and sperm concentration.

The results showed that men who reported moderate to vigorous physical activity or exercised for 15 hours week or more had a 73% higher sperm concentration in comparison to men who exercised less than 5 hours a week. Physical activity and how many hours participants spent in front of the TV was also heavily correlated as men you reported watching more than 20 hours of TV had a lower sperm concentration by 44% in comparison to men who did not watch TV at all.

Although a binge-watching Netflix TV show may be a great way to unwind at the end of a stressful week, creating a habit of binge-watching and less exercise can lower your sperm count and negatively affect your sexual and erectile health.

Eat a Healthy Diet and Coffee

You may not have the time to check to see if your meal incorporates aspects of a balanced diet as you rush to the nearest fast food restaurant and your lunch break. However, taking the time and effort needed to health a healthy diet has more benefits than simply helping you to maintain a healthy weight. A research study published by Harvard University found a significant correlation in eating processed foods and male fertility. Men participating in an IVF procedure were the main subjects for this study. The research revealed that men who ate fewer processed meats reported a 28% increase in their fertility in comparison to men who at 4.3 serving of processed meats a week. Eating healthy and naturally prepared foods can enhance your sexual health and fertility.

Habits That Are Affecting Your Sexual HealthAdditionally, if you needed another reason to stop for your morning coffee, according to a research study published by the Public Library of Science, drinking coffee can reduce your chances of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Drinking coffee helps to reduce your risks of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction because it is high in caffeine, which boosts your metabolism and reduces your risks of obesity, which is a direct symptom of erectile dysfunction.

Having good sexual health can impact your life in many ways. Simply being able to engage in and enjoy sex enhances intimacy with your sexual partner, thus establishing satisfaction in your relationship. If you needed any more incentive to implement the healthy habits above, having good sexual health and being able to enjoy sex can even help you to boost your mood and confidence levels.

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