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Get Outside With 5 High Calorie-Burning Activities

by Rich Emrett
Get Outside With 5 High Calorie-Burning Activities

The gym gets old after a while, and it’s gorgeous outside in the summertime. One of the best ways to workout is to hide from yourself that you’re working out. Although lifting weights can be pretty rewarding, cardio tends to be a real drag, especially if you’re stuck on the treadmill. That’s why we’re going to get you outside.

Here are five top fun and calorie-blasting activities to take up during the summer:

  1. Tennis

Dig that preppy starched-white shorts look? Get yourself to the courts! Tennis works out all of your muscles, and those quick spurts of energy burn calories fast and keep them burning even after you stop playing.

Calories burned per hour: over 500

  1. kayakingKayaking

You want a great arms and shoulders workout? Go for the kayak and when you get too hot, just take a dip in the river, lake, or ocean!

Calories burned per hour: about 350

  1. Beach volleyball

There’s nothing sexier than a man diving and jumping through the sand with a volleyball. It’s also an epically fun way to burn calories, especially when you can douse yourself in the ocean waves afterwards.

Calories burned per hour: over 500

  1. Surfing

Another way to cool off in the summer is, of course, surfing. Push past the breakers to challenge yourself and really work your abs while you keep your balance through the surf.

Calories burned per hour: about 200

  1. Hiking

You could turn up the incline on the treadmill or you could get yourself into the mountains. The better option is pretty damn clear. You might think you’re sore after some tough weightlifting, but if you’ve ever hiked up a near straight-up rocky stairwell, you know how painful the next three or so days can be. You’re going to feel the burn, and damn it’s good.

Calories burned per hour: well over 500, depending on the incline

  1. Running

It’s a classic – you can’t go wrong with a good run, especially in the early morning or evening on the beach. If you get up early, you can beat the heat and you can also get a jumpstart on your entire day. The amount of calories burned varies vastly, but you’re going to up them really fast when you use intervals of sprinting and jogging or walking.

Calories burned per hour: 700+

RunningSome tips to push through working out in the hot sun:

Stay hydrated. Water, water, water, water. Drink about half an hour before you work out and sip on your water throughout your workout. Rehydrate when you’re finished, too.

  • Sunscreen up with at least 30 SPF sunscreen.
  • Wear loose-fitting and sweat-wicking fabrics.
  • If you feel dizzy or nauseated, take a break or finish up for the day.

You’re going to burn calories ultra-fast while actually enjoying yourself when you take a break from the gym and get outside. These six activities are some of the best ones you can go for. Enjoy your workout!

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