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Fellatio: Doing a Job Well Done

by Rich Emrett


Ask any guy what he feels is lacking in his life and he’ll probably say getting head. Even if he gets it pretty regularly. But the source of unsatisfactory feelings towards head usually has to do with the technique. As a chick, I’ve been eaten out more times than I can count but I can count the number of times I’ve been eaten out well on one hand, ergo, I wouldn’t say I’ve been eaten out hundreds of times.

What does a straight chick know about a relationship between two dudes? Well, the one thing we share. Head. The good ole blowjob. Here’s my tried and true tips for giving an amazing blow job and a couple of other tips as well:

-Hands, hands, hands. We’re not bobbing for apples. It’s not against the rules to use your hands or both at the same time. Make sure his dick is wet, saliva is your friend here. Even if you’ve got dry mouth, the best way to get some saliva going is to gag yourself a little on him. It’ll make saliva generate and while you’re sucking you can use one hand in rhythm, or create a suction tip for his head and be jerking with your hand underneath.

-Always be using your tongue. Even if his dick is in the back of your throat, making sure your tongue is always in session will also give sensory stimulation to his entire shaft which can be neglected during a deep throat.

-Touch his body while you’re doing it. Grab his ass, knead his thighs-especially the inner part a couple inches from his groin. Not too hard, people can be ticklish or a low threshold for pain. Run your hands from his navel up to his chest, and pinch his nipples gently if that’s what he’s into.

-Anal penetration at the point of climax can be amazing for a guy. But even if he’s used to anal, best to ask beforehand or during before you do it.

-Don’t neglect the balls. Some guys can’t take the pressure and stimulation at the same time so the best rule is to start soft but not feather light, which can be ticklish. If he jerks away, either take the hint or ask him if he likes it.

-Only swallow if he’s special. Seriously. Somewhere along the way, I think it became crazy for guys to cum anywhere besides down the person’s throat. But that’s where STDs live, and you have to really like the person to be prepared in the event that it doesn’t taste the best.

When in doubt just remember, put your lips together…and blow.

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