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Everything Anal: Tips to make her enjoy it and want it again.

by Rich Emrett


Everything Anal: Tips to make her enjoy it and want it again.

If you’re like the general sexual statistical population, you probably are I’m favor of trying Anal while your woman is less than excited. Sometimes there’s a reversal, and sometimes there are couples who are either for it together or against it together. If you fall into the first category, there are things you can do to make it pleasurable for her and make her want it more than once a year.


The thing to remember with Anal is that most of the time, the initial discomfort is what turns her off the most. Think of it this way: A woman’s vagina is made for childbirth, it has elasticity. But the ass? It’s exactly the same as yours in terms of give. And, take your size into account! Even if you are on the smaller end of the size spectrum  (and aren’t planning on pre-gaming with a male enhancement product), think about you..going in you. It might seem gross but it can definitely help you foster compassion and sympathy and keep the frustration down.


First, talk about it. We know that spontaneity is what the pornos teach and what seems hottest. But especially with butt sex, if you take by surprise, shit happens (pun maybe intended). Try gauging her excitement level for it. If you’re a couple that watches porn together, feature some Anal scenes. Let her know that’s what you want to try, not do.


Get her ass used to things being inside. Your fingers are great starts but keep in mind 2 fingers does not a penis simulation make. To get a closer representation of your dick would be three fingers including the thumb and that’s really more for width, not length. If you’re a couple that’s into toys, buy one together. Anal beads are okay, but that’s more of a gimmick rather than preparing her for penetration. Look into a butt plug, vibrator or dildo. Using a vibrator on your woman is amazing. A less secure man wouldn’t even entertain the idea, using something besides his dick,  but a more secure man (that’s you) realizes a vibrator is a great way to learn how to make your woman climax without your own threatening to cut it short. Not to mention with a vibrator, you can keep up clit play, eating her out, and really watching her face and body for signs of pleasure and pain.


Lube should be a no brainer. Whether it’s a jelly, spit (and not a little ‘thoo thoo’, we’re talking gobs of saliva) or her own wetness, make sure you’re able to slip and slide your way in-keep in mind you’ll want condoms that are lubricated too, condoms can really dry up natural juices.

Once you both are ready to try, slow and steady wins the rest. Spend so much time on foreplay. Whatever gets her wet, have her at prime wetness before you insert the tip. Once the tip is in, kiss her, let her breathe, and gently rotate your hips to stretch out the opening. Only when she agrees with you in body should you try to go a little further and you should use the smidge n stretch method for the whole thing. After that it’s up to you both what feels good.

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