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Can Testosterone Increase Size?

by John Jones
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Did you know that if your flaccid penis is only around 3 inches long, that’s still considered clinically normal?

It’s normal in the sense that doctors would be hard-pressed to diagnose you with micropenis. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that having a 3-inch flaccid penis is altogether satisfactory.

Men have always been on the lookout for a wonder drug that can effectively increase penis size. Many look to testosterone to fulfill this need. And yes, testosterone does help treat micropenis, but that’s when treatment is administered during infancy or before puberty.

So, does testosterone help increase your penis size when you’re already an adult? Keep reading.

Factors That Affect Penis Size

Puberty is when your penis grows the most. A 2010 study involving more than 6,000 participants reported interesting insights on the growth of external genitalia in males.

The authors noted that in young boys, the testes didn’t show any increase in size until they reached the age of 11 years which is the time when puberty usually begins.

In contrast, the authors observed that for penile growth, it actually happens gradually starting from the day a male infant is born. Penile growth peaks during puberty which usually occurs from age 12-16 years.

man grabbing his crotchGenes do contribute to your penile size, but that’s not the only factor. When hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency affects adolescent boys, it can greatly affect their penile growth.

In fact, if hypogonadism is severe, a young boy going through puberty may even suffer from underdeveloped sex organs.

In adult men who have fully developed sex organs, certain factors affect the expansion of the penis from the flaccid state to the erect state.

Penile blood flow, tissue elasticity, and penile smooth muscle content are just some of the factors that can influence how much your penis will expand during erection.

Testosterone’s Role in Erection

In the past, testosterone was thought to influence only the libido. However, recent studies on the molecular actions of testosterone reveal that the hormone actually plays several roles in the erectile function of men.

Nitric oxide production

Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that’s important for triggering an erection. When nitric oxide is released in the penile tissues, it makes the smooth muscles in the penile corpora cavernosa relax.

The relaxation of these smooth muscles triggers blood inflow to the penis. Testosterone has been found to influence penile nitric oxide production.

PDE5 activities

Phosphodiesterase-5 enzymes are notorious because they break down cGMP or cyclic guanosine monophosphate. While PDE5 promotes flaccidity, cGMP promotes penile blood flow resulting in an erection.

Sildenafil works by inhibiting PDE5 enzymes. What testosterone does is that it regulates the activities of PDE5 enzymes in the penis.

Corpora cavernosa smooth muscles

How much blood will flow inside your penis will depend on the contractility of your corpora cavernosa smooth muscles. The contraction of these smooth muscles prevents blood from filling your erectile tissues.

Testosterone helps regulate the relaxation and contraction of your corpora cavernosa smooth muscles.

Testosterone Affects Your Erect Penis Size

Because of the various functions that testosterone performs during erection, the lower your testosterone levels, the worse it is for your erection quality. In fact, men with testosterone deficiency or hypogonadism often find themselves suffering from erectile dysfunction.

As you age, the decrease in your testosterone levels can adversely affect penile nitric oxide production, PDE5 activities in your penile tissues, and how well your corpora cavernosa smooth muscles relax.

pouring out testosterone pillsIn short, when you’re low on testosterone, it can prevent your penis from expanding to its maximum size during erection. This is just another reason why you need to maintain your testosterone levels.

And if you’re already feeling the effects of age-related testosterone decline, then you really should boost your testosterone levels if only to improve the quality of your erection.

On the one hand, for healthy young men, raising your testosterone levels will surely have positive effects on your erect penis size.

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