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Are You Dealing with a Control Freak?

by Rich Emrett


You know, there are some days when you just feel the need to get in your car and . . . DO ONE! Doesn’t matter where you would settle for the MacDonald’s drive-in or the quickie-mart car park you are so fed up.

Nothing makes her happy.

When your woman is getting at you ALL THE TIME, nit-picking over mindless shit – DAY-IN-DAY-OUT.
It comes to a point where you find you have even begun in questioning your manhood. Why the fuck are you putting up with this crap?

So you wake up in the morning, and it’s like ‘Hey, did you forget to put the toilet seat down, again?”
“Sorry, baby – I just don’t think when I’m tired.”

Then later at lunch your phone dings and its one of the boys or that twat from work but she flips, right?
“Who is that? What do they want? Oh wait a minute, you’re going out? When were you going to consult me about this? I mean fuck that, when were you going to invite me? WOAH – hold on! You mean you weren’t going to invite me!! WHY?? WHO THE FUCK IS GONNA BE THERE . . . YOUR EX??”








WOW. Someone pull the plug on this crazy bitch. Give yourself a break! But before you have managed to squeeze a word in, this bitch has turned from psycho into the lost and soppy puppy.

Yep, she is crying alright. Now do you feel bad?

“No baby listen, I am going to the animal hospital to organize a charity event for the broken bunny rabbit appeal with my friends from the church!” And you hand her the tissues and say “But hey, I won’t go if it makes you feel better.”

And then you walk over to kitchen mindlessly switch the kettle on and make her a nice cup of tea . . .

WAKE THE FUCK UP DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is a regular scenario that plays out on a daily basis or something of the like, then this bitch has you wrapped around her gigantic witch-like pointy finger and when your back is turned she is laughing – FOR SURE!
You need to smell the roses, my friend, because indeed – she may blow your head off in the sack, (quite literally) but this bitch be cray-Z.

This stupid cunt needs to know where your ass is at – minute by minute – otherwise, she will be shoving poison in your cereal and placing a chip inside your ear while you are sleeping.

But what the hell happened? Wasn’t that long ago y’all were making love ‘n’ everything was cool? All of a sudden this paranoid tit is on full-time rag-mode! Something happened, whether it was you or it just took a while for the true colors to shine through.

You are even considering writing a list of things it could be that has driven her this way but fear that she will tear it up with her teeth like that possessed freaky from the exorcist. Put the pen down; take a deep breath and WALK AWAY.

Put yourself first.

Listen, the moment you realize that what you once had has evaporated, and you are pussyfooting around walking on eggshells and just to put it flat out – downright miserable – then just let it go. It is not worth it, and there is more to life than trying to make someone who is sucking the life and joy out of you – happy.

OK, it sounds easy, but it feels like the hardest thing in the world. Trust, bro – it is time to put a lid on that shit and move on. There are plenty more fish in the sea and women out there who deserve a fella like you. Time to think of number 1 and do what is right for you. It just so happens it is what is good for you both, if you answering a text makes this dizzy feel uneasy, then she is probably just as miserable as you!

Here this article describes a manipulative relationship like a poisonous addiction:

“. . . Cut it off cold turkey and do not weaken . . .”


The bottom line

Is this: Don’t let anyone control you, but you. It is highly likely that you are dealing with someone with issues if you are stuck in a relationship with a woman who is attacking you with every type of emotion from anger to emotional blackmail through to trying to gain sympathy via turning on the waterworks and making you feel guilty. A woman who can push your buttons is a danger to your health and before this thing escalates, take note and do the right thing.

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