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About Us

by Rich Emrett

SocialWrecker is the leading independent social media sharing company that primarily covers fitness, health, and lifestyle topics. The website also covers current events and health products to give our readers a much broader understanding about the health industry.

Our objective is to connect the complex world of fitness, lifestyle, and health with our readers, and give them information that is worth sharing with their friends and family. SocialWrecker sources its content from industry experts and contributors. As for our supplement product reviews, we maintain that we are not entertaining promotion or endorsement offers from brands or companies to maintain impartial and unbiased reviews.

As the SocialWrecker community grows, so does our content. We are always in the process of improving our content with videos and images to make our content more intuitive and user-friendly. SocialWrecker publishes updates  on a daily basis, and you can count on us to ensure that the content is always fresh and relevant.