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8 Scientific Reasons Why You Need Sex Regularly

by Rich Emrett
8 Scientific Reasons Why You Need Sex Regularly

Sex makes you happy and makes you feel more connected to your partner. It also just feels really damn good. That’s not it, though. There are so many reasons why sex is good for you, and they’re backed by science.

I grew up with a biology teacher mother, which means I got the sex talk at a really young age, including a book with one page devoted to how to masturbate. I was freaked out at the time, but as an adult woman, I’m happy my mom was so supportive of a healthy sex life. I feel bad for people who take vows of abstinence and who get stuck in dry spells. Turns out, I have good reason to feel bad for them. Here are 8 scientific reasons why you should keep a steady sex life (for your health!):

  1. You won’t get sick as often.

    Couple running

    Couple running

This is crazy, but for some reason, regular sex decreases your chance of getting sick. This is because your body produces more antigens which fight off nasty colds when you have sex at least twice a week.

  1. It lowers your blood pressure.

If you’re struggling with high blood pressure, go for daily sex. It lowers your blood pressure. It also improves your response to stress – in other words, you chill out. The interesting thing? Sex does this. Masturbation doesn’t.

  1. It lowers your chances of having a heart attack, too.

This is thanks to keeping your estrogen and testosterone levels in check. If they get out of whack, your chances of heart complications like heart attacks go up.

  1. Say no to prostate cancer.

According to a Harvard Medical School study, regularly ejaculating reduces your risk of developing prostate cancer by 22 percent. If you’re not having sex, at the very least, get busy with yourself.

  1. More sex means you want more sex.

The more often you have sex, the more often you want it. It’s a great cycle that keeps you healthy, stress-free, and happy. Having sex regularly keeps your libido climbing, which makes both you and your partner really happy.

  1. It relieves your pain.

Feeling depressed after a tough day or sore after a killer workout? You don’t need Ibuprofen, so put it back in the medicine cabinet. Orgasms reduce pain thanks to a hormone that increases the level of pain you can handle. So, go get busy!

  1. It improves your sleep.

    Sex improves sleep

    Sex improves sleep

Don’t you love falling asleep in each other’s arms after some crazy good sex? It’s intimate, sweet, and warm. You feel so good in the wake of an orgasm that nodding off just comes naturally. This is thanks to a hormone called prolactin which is released post-orgasm. Prolactin launches you into relaxation and sleepiness. Dealing with insomnia? Maybe it’s time for some hanky panky.

  1. Regular sex prevents you from developing ED.

No one wants erectile dysfunction. Like any muscle, the more you work out your penis, the better it works for you. Regular erections keep blood pumping through your penis’s arteries so the tissues and muscles stay healthy and strong. Train hard and get hard.

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