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7 Supplements That Are Total Bullshit

by Rich Emrett
7 Supplements That Are Total Bullshit

Supplements get a bad rep because there are just so many of them out there that don’t really work. Multivitamins and essential nutrients aren’t going to let you down, but other supplements might as well be filled with thin air. We love our supplements because they sound almost too good to be true – this pill can reduce my chance of developing cancer? It can pump my muscles up and improve my memory?! Too many of them are just that, though: too good to be true. Here are 7 supplements that are total bullshit. Skip ‘em.

  1. GlutamineGlutamine

You simply don’t need glutamine for a handful of reasons. Here they are:

  • Glutamine deficiencies are extremely rare – it’s produced naturally in the body and available in many foods. Why take a supplement for something you already have plenty enough of naturally?
  • There’s no real evidence it increases your energy levels.
  1. Vitamin C for the common cold

People swear by Emergen-C. They really believe it works in fighting the common cold right when it’s beginning to develop. Does it work? Nope. Research has shown it may decrease the length of a cold by about a fraction of a day, and that’s just a maybe. People who go Vitamin C crazy when they’ve got a cold can actually cause damage to their bodies. Over 2,000 milligrams of V-C in one day can irritate your stomach and even spur on kidney stones.

  1. Calcium

Wait, what? But calcium’s so good for you! Here’s why you don’t need it in supplement form:

  • You get it in your diet pretty easily – think dairy products.
  • Supplements by themselves don’t improve bone density much. This is because you need to take it with a handful of other supplements like vitamin K and magnesium for this effect.
  • Calcium deficiencies are rare.
  1. Vitamin KVitamin K

Yet another vitamin on the list. Vitamin K just isn’t necessary. Why?

  • Deficiencies in vitamin K are rare.
  • There’s no clear evidence supplements of vitamin K actually prevent or reduce chances of developing cancer.
  • Most people get all the vitamin K they need in vegetables.
  • It’s also naturally produced by bacteria in your intestines.
  1. B Vitamins

Once again, you’re better off just eating foods that contain B vitamins, which isn’t hard to do. Here’s one exception: vegetarians tend to not get enough vitamin B-12 which is primarily found in meat. If they want to avoid health problems, they’ve got to take a B-12 supplement.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A supplements might as well be labeled unhealthy. They’re good for vision, but not much else. Here’s why:

  • Studies show they don’t help prevent cancer. Smokers who took vitamin A actually had a higher chance of developing lung cancer!
  • Too much vitamin A can be toxic, causing a bunch of serious health problems like cirrhosis, bleeding in the lungs, depression, hair loss, and even death.
  1. Vitamin E

Like vitamin A, vitamin E has been shown to actually increase your chance of developing cancer according to certain studies. High doses of vitamin E can also shorten your life span.

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