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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Period Sex

by Rich Emrett


It’s funny how anal sex is all the rage but it’s a hell of a lot dirtier than period sex, something too many men and women altogether avoid or feel uncomfortable about. For decades, periods have been tricky subjects men and women alike avoid talking about. But it’s time for that to stop. Why? For one thing, it’s a completely natural part of being a woman. It’s not something she should be ashamed of. For another thing, period sex is great sex. So it can be a little messy and maybe a little awkward – plenty of guys are terrified of women on their periods. Truth is, though, period sex is great sex, sometimes even better than normal sex.

If you’re not having it, talk to your partner about why. Consider suggesting that you try it out. There are a lot of sexy and healthy benefits to having period sex. It’s straight-up good for her, and a happy, healthy partner is good for you, too. Being up for period sex is going to show that you’re open and non-judgmental. That you’re mature. It’s also going to up your sexual intimacy, and the more intimacy you’ve got, the kinkier and closer you’re going to get. And that’s the goal, right?

If you’re not having period sex, start having period sex. Here’s why:

  1. She’s super-aroused.periodsex-shessuperaroused

Let’s get into a little science. Basically, day one her testosterone and estrogen levels are low. But after that, they begin to rise. For a lot of women, this means increased sensitivity and arousal. Being on her period can make sex a lot better for her.

  1. Natural lube.

Her flow serves as a natural lube, increasing pleasure for both of you.

  1. It’s really not that messy.

One concern couples tend to have about period sex is that it’s going to make a mess. The truth is, most women can tell what days their flow is heavy and when it’s winding down. And when it’s winding down, it’s hardly a hindrance at all. When it’s heavier, it’s as simple as laying down a towel.

  1. periodsex-sheshornyasfuckIt’s just blood.

Don’t be a pussy or an asshole. It’s just blood, you’ve seen it before, and it’s not going to hurt you. And why give up sex for a whole week?

  1. It can treat PMS.

One reason to hate periods is when she’s PMSing. She’s pissed over the tiniest things or can break down crying at the drop of a pin. It’s awful for both of you when she can hardly get out of bed due to horrible cramping, too. According to some research, period sex can help alleviate symptoms of PMS – sex makes you happy! During sex, the body releases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins – happy chemicals that also reduce pain. And orgasms are considered a natural pain reliever as well.

  1. She’s horny as fuck.

Thanks to crazy chemical changes, a lot of women are crazy-horny when they’re on their periods. And that can mean great sex for both of you.

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