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6 Facts about Premature Ejaculation

by Rich Emrett

Men are usually embarrassed about premature ejaculation even when it’s a fact that it happens to almost all the guys out there. In reality, it is the most common sexual problem a man faces at one point in his life. The most obvious symptom of premature ejaculation is the inability to delay orgasm even when you want to prolong sexual activity a little further.

Couple-after-premature-ejaculation-777205For some, it happens to quickly leaving you and your partner disappointed. To be more specific, if you cannot delay your orgasm for more than a minute after penetration, you’re suffering from premature ejaculation. This is then followed by the realization that you’re not able to control it, which makes you feel anxious during intimate moments. On the other hand, experiencing premature ejaculation every now and then is normal.

Essentially, premature ejaculation can be caused by underlying health factors, such as: erectile dysfunction, stress, and heart conditions and other chronic diseases. If you’re feeling gloomy because of this condition, remember these 6 facts about this sexual issue:

  1. Others experience this, too

Premature ejaculation is the topmost sexual problem that is often reported by men all over the world. According to Mayo Clinic, 1 in 3 men admits to experiencing this problem at some point. In a usual community populace, it is reported that 4%-39% of men had to deal with this.

  1. The primary reason behind this is not known

Though there can be several causes, the specific reason is unknown. Assumptions as to its exact trigger range from psychological, biological, and physiological problems.

  1. It may result to erection issues in the future

It is said that PE is the initial symptom of erectile dysfunction. This is because men who suffer from premature ejaculation for a significant period of time eventually experiences erection issues.

  1. It impacts your sex life, apparently

premature-ejaculation-home-cure (1)When one is experiencing PE, this can cause distress to both the couple. It frustrates the one that cannot last long even when he wants to, and disappoints the other who anticipates to get pleasure from sex, but doesn’t because of the partner’s premature ejaculation. When this happens often, it becomes burdensome that intimacy from both becomes less in quality.

  1. PE also occurs during masturbation

Apart from experiencing PE during a sexual intercourse, you can also find this affecting your masturbation as well when you notice that you ejaculate instantly.

There are also 2 kinds of PE – a lifelong PE, which means you encounter this issue every time you have sex, and the other is acquired PE, which occurs to men who have had no ejaculation issues before.

  1. It can be managed and controlled, fortunately

Those who suffer from it can be relieved to know that you can train yourself to control it. If a young kid can learn to control his bladder, of course, men can also find a way to delay their ejaculation. You can start working on your techniques as soon as you acknowledge that you’re suffering from PE.

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