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6 Amazing Ways Sex Makes You Healthier

by AFP

            If you’ve been feeling stressed and under the weather lately, try having sex with your partner and see how it can make you feel a whole lot better. Sex doesn’t benefit you just by increasing the intimacy in your relationship. Sex also makes you healthier emotionally, psychologically, and even physically.

            The health benefits you gain from having frequent satisfactory sex are well-documented. During sex and when you orgasm, your body releases hormones and neurotransmitters that not only make you feel amazingly good but also provide you with a lot of health benefits.

Here are 6 amazing ways sex helps improve your health.

  1. The Most Intimate Exercise

            If you haven’t been feeling motivated to exercise lately because you find your workout routing too tiring, try having sex more often. Although you won’t be expending the same amount of energy during sex as compared to when you’re doing a moderate or high-intensity exercise, you’ll still be burning a lot of calories.

            One study compared energy expenditure during sex and during a 30-minute moderate intensity endurance exercise session. During the exercise session, the men expended 9.2 kilocalories per minute and 4.2 kilocalories per minute while engaging in sexual activity.

            What was interesting about the results of this study is that the researchers found that men can burn even more calories during sex than while exercising. The results showed that the highest energy expenditure during sex was 306 kilocalories while the average energy expenditure during exercise was only 276 kilocalories.

6 Amazing Ways Sex Makes You Healthier            This study simply shows that engaging in sex can give you the same physical health benefits you can get from exercising at the gym. It’s just that sex is more fun, intimate, and exciting.

            If you want to get the most workout benefits from sex, try engaging in foreplay for a longer period. That’s actually a great way to warm up and stretch your muscles. And assuming various positions as you move around to caress and kiss your partner all over can help improve your flexibility, too.

  1. The Best Way To Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

            Because sex is an excellent moderate intensity physical exercise, it also gives your heart the same boost as when you go for a run. When you’re sexually aroused, your heart rate increases, with the highest heartbeat per minute occurring during orgasm.

            Men who engage in sex have significantly lower risks of developing heart disease than those who don’t engage in sex often. In particular, if you have sex at least twice a week, you can lower your risks of cardiovascular diseases by as much as 45%.

            Aside from reducing your risks of heart diseases, frequent sex can also help lower your blood pressure. If you develop hypertension later on in life, that can increase your risks of erectile dysfunction.

  1. Gives Your Immune System A Boost

            On top of the cardiovascular benefits of sex, your immune system also gains a lot of benefits if you engage in sexual activities at least more than once a week. That’s because sex can increase the levels of immunoglobulin A in your mucosal linings and your saliva. A type of antibody, immunoglobulin A helps protect you from infections.

  1. Reduces Your Prostate Cancer Risks

            When you engage in sex frequently, especially when you always ejaculate during sexual activities, your risks of prostate cancer decrease significantly. Among men who ejaculate frequently, the incidence of prostate cancer is much lower than those who ejaculate less frequently in a month, either during masturbation or while having sex with a partner.

            According to experts, ejaculating frequently may enable your prostate to expel carcinogens, thereby preventing the growth of cancerous tumors in the prostate gland. Frequent ejaculation may also help prevent the formation of crystalloid calcifications in the prostate.

  1. Helps Relieve Stress And Makes You Sleep Better

            Sex is such an excellent stress reliever, mainly because you get to experience a rush of all sorts of chemicals that induce positive emotions when you engage in sex. Not only that, the fact that sex helps lower your blood pressure also leads to reduced stress levels.

            During sex and especially when you’re having an orgasm, your body releases oxytocin, a hormone neurotransmitter that’s associated with all sorts of positive emotions such as trust, empathy, affection, attachment, and love. When your body releases oxytocin, it also helps reduce your stress levels.

            When you orgasm, your body also releases prolactin which then makes you feel satiated and relaxed. The combined effects of oxytocin and prolactin can make you feel sleepy.

            Serotonin, another neurotransmitter that’s also released when you orgasm, adds to the sleep-inducing effects of oxytocin, which is why many people often fall asleep soundly after engaging in satisfying sex.

            The physical intimacy associated with sex also helps relieve stress. This also helps explain why stress-related blood pressure drops more significantly after penetrative sex than after masturbation or non-coital sex.

  1. The Most Satisfying Pain Reliever

6 Amazing Ways Sex Makes You Healthier            Because your body releases endorphins whenever you engage in sexual activities, you get to enjoy the added benefit of relief from pain. Endorphins are natural painkillers that can help lessen the feeling of pain.

            If you often have migraine attacks, you may want to consider having sex more often. Studies have shown that engaging in sexual activities can greatly lessen the pain people feel when they have a headache or a migraine.

Making Sex More Enjoyable

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