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5 Signs that She’s NOT Faking It

by Rich Emrett

How do you know when she has a real mind-blowing orgasm?

Men are quite egoistic when it comes to their ability to pleasure women. For some, being able to give women an orgasm is more about a reflection of their machismo. For most women, a man’s drive to give pleasure is more than what they can ask for in bed, especially when the majority of men are only after their own satisfaction.

In relationships, the pursuit of mutual sexual satisfaction is a sign that the relationship is healthy – at least in bed. However, some women find it easier to fake an orgasm than to see their partner struggle to give them an orgasm. Don’t get us wrong, ladies. Most of us men want to give our women the sexual satisfaction they deserve, but many of us do not know how – but that’s for another article. In this list, we’ll help men satisfy their curiosity about their partners. Here are 5 signs that she’s not faking it.

1. Her vaginal walls contract

A telltale sign that a woman is having a genuine orgasm is when you undeniably feel the contraction inside her. A woman’s orgasm triggers a series of reactions in her body that is involuntary. If she’s really feeling what you’re doing, then you can expect to feel a tightening sensation at the same moment that she climaxes.

2. Toe curls

Just like the way we do – women also have toe-curling orgasms. Just like the contraction of their vaginal walls, toe curls are involuntary. This lasts for a few seconds and these involuntary reactions happen all at the same time.

3. Squirting

While studies have shown that the female ejaculate originates from the bladder, there’s still talk about whether to classify the female ejaculate as urine, or just call it as it is-  a squirt. Whether your partner has the ability to squirt or not, it’s quite hard to fake squirting. A squirt during an orgasm is not like incontinence where a person loses bladder control, but a short spurt of liquid – and that’s pretty hard to fake.

4. Skin flushing

After having an orgasm, a woman’s heartbeat rises and her blood vessels dilate – leading to the familiar pink flush after sex. A sex flush – as they call it, is unlike the usual flush that you get after an intense exercise. If you don’t see her face flush after you have sex, it’s likely that you got the better deal as she didn’t get the big O.

5. Smile

A genuine orgasm warrants a smile that is hard to fake. Long-time couples know that a genuine orgasm can make anyone smile from ear to ear. Anyone can fake a nervous smile after having sex, but a real mind-blowing orgasm will make any woman have the genuine smile of satisfaction on her face.

That’s it for our list! What you do with this information is now up to you. Our only advice is – a gentleman makes her partner come. You have to at least try! Visit our page regularly for more sex tips.

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