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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Dopamine Levels For Improved Sexual Performance

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            Achieving an erection is an elaborate process that involves not only your penis but also your circulatory system, your central and peripheral nervous systems, your neurotransmitters, as well as your hormones. Anytime something goes wrong with any of these important components, you’ll most probably experience erection problems.

            When it comes to erections, dopamine is one of the most important neurotransmitters in your nervous system. Hence, you need to make sure your dopamine levels are sufficient.  Here are 5 ways for you to naturally raise your dopamine levels.

How Dopamine is Involved in Erections

            Your central nervous system regulates erections through the actions of several neurotransmitters. For instance, the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, nitric oxide, and dopamine are involved in the facilitation of erections. On the other hand, neurotransmitters like noradrenaline are involved in the inhibition of erections.

            Within your central nervous system, dopamine is the neurotransmitter that’s mainly responsible for your sexual motivation, genital reflexes, and sexual behavior. As such, dopamine is of paramount importance when it comes to your erection.

            You need dopamine to send the signal so that your neurons can start producing nitric oxide. To facilitate erections, dopamine also acts on neurons found in your spinal cord. When these spinal cord neurons are damaged and can’t transmit or receive dopaminergic signals, your erectile function becomes impaired.

            In addition, there are also dopamine receptors found in your erectile tissues. This means that dopamine also sends signals to these receptors to regulate your sexual response and genital reflexes.

            This simply means that when your dopamine levels are low, or when your neurons that use dopamine do not function well, it can lead to problems with your sexual motivation, your genital reflexes, and your erection. It may also affect how much pleasure and satisfaction you get from sexual activities.

  1. Mucuna Pruriens

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Dopamine Levels For Improved Sexual Performance            Mucuna pruriens, commonly known as velvet bean, can help you improve your dopamine levels. That’s because this legume contains levodopa or L-dopa as its main constituent. L-dopa is actually a compound that gets converted by the body to dopamine.

            In fact, Mucuna pruriens is often recommended to people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative condition that is caused by low levels of dopamine. Eating cooked velvet bean or taking Mucuna pruriens supplements have both been shown to help improve dopamine levels.

  1. Tyrosine-Rich Foods

            Foods that contain a lot of proteins can help you increase your dopamine levels naturally. Tyrosine, an amino acid that’s necessary for dopamine production, can be found in protein-rich foods such as dairy products, beef, turkey, legumes, soy, and eggs.

            You can also get tyrosine from fish, almonds, avocados, pumpkin seeds, and bananas. Your body can convert tyrosine into dopamine through the actions of enzymes. Phenylalanine, another amino acid, can also be used by your body to make tyrosine.

            Increasing your dietary intake of both tyrosine and phenylalanine can help increase the levels of dopamine in your brain.

  1. Probiotics

            There’s a close link between your brain and your gut, which contains neurons that also produce various neurotransmitters such as dopamine. In addition, there are gut bacteria that can also produce dopamine.

            Emerging research indicates that high concentrations of dopamine-producing gut bacteria may help improve anxiety and depression symptoms. When you increase your intake of probiotics, you can help these beneficial bacteria grow in numbers.

            To improve your gut health, you can take probiotic supplements or you can increase your intake of probiotic foods. Kimchi, yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, and kefir are examples of probiotic foods that you can incorporate in your diet.

  1. Regular Exercise

            When you exercise, it leads to an increase in your endorphin levels and an improvement in your mood. It also improves dopamine neurotransmission in your brain. In fact, regular physical activity has been tied to increased dopamine levels. This is also one of the reasons why patients with Parkinson’s disease are advised to exercise regularly.

            On top of increasing your dopamine levels, exercise can also lead to improved blood flow to your brain, which will further improve your cognitive functioning. Animal studies show that treadmill running can lead to an increased release of dopamine in the brain. It can also increase your dopamine receptors in the brain and enhance their function.

            Regular exercise can do a lot of wonders for your body, not just increasing your dopamine levels or improving your blood circulation. It can also lead to improved erectile function and increased libido.

  1. Sufficient Sleep

            Since dopamine promotes wakefulness, your body naturally releases more dopamine in the morning. At night, your dopamine levels naturally decline to promote sleepiness. But when you have insomnia or when you stay up all night because of your job, it can mess with the natural regulation of dopamine levels in your body.

            In fact, in people who only sleep a few hours or don’t sleep at all at night, their dopamine receptor availability in the morning gets drastically reduced. This is why you feel less alert after you pull an all-nighter. Low levels of dopamine can also adversely affect your ability to concentrate and coordinate your bodily movements.

            When you lack sleep, it’s not just your dopamine levels that get affected. In fact, chronic lack of sleep can lead to various serious health consequences such as a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, weight gain, and diabetes. It can also lead to a significant decline in your testosterone levels and a drastic drop in your libido.

Improving Your Sexual Performance

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Dopamine Levels For Improved Sexual Performance            If you’re thinking of increasing your dopamine levels to enhance your sexual performance, there’s actually another way for you to achieve that. Try taking an all-natural male sex enhancement supplement and see how it can greatly improve your sexual function.

            One of the most well-known male sex enhancement supplements contain several herbs that can increase your libido as well as raise your testosterone levels. It also contains natural constituents that can boost your erectile function and sexual stamina.

            The unique formulation includes maca, Butea superba, and Tribulus terrestris. It also contains Tongkat Ali, horny goat weed and damiana. The combined effects of these herbs enable you to deliver outstanding sexual performance.

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