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5 Cheat Codes for Losing that Paunch

by Rich Emrett

So supposedly the “dad bod” was in for a while – you know, the shameless beer gut, the frat-star-turned-dad bod. Basically, a bunch of guys tried to popularize being out of shape because they liked their beer too much. While cuddling up to a teddy bear of a man is appealing to some, there’s also a hell of a lot to be said for a man who takes care of himself, has arms capable lifting you and carrying you to the bed, and abs straight out of an O2 Fitness ad. If you’ve got that dad bod and you’re looking to tone up without killing yourself on Crossfit or cardio, here are five cheat codes (in order of energy required) for you to get the bod you want.

  1. Some energy required: Interval train.4a jogging

Don’t let marathon runners fool you. What really burns calories is intervals. Warm up and cool down with a 5-minute walk. Go back and forth between 2 minutes walking or jogging and 2 minutes running or sprinting for 20 minutes or longer. It’s still cardio, but it’s easier, more doable cardio.

  1. Some energy required (but it’s not exercise): Put on a Blue Apron.

So much of weight loss boils down to nutrition. Blue Apron’s a company that sends you healthy recipes with all of the ingredients and in-depth directions you’ll need. Meal-planning for weight loss can be time-consuming, difficult, and costly. With Blue Apron, you don’t even have to go to the grocery store, you’ll always have new recipes on hand, and each serving is a low 500-800 cal.

  1. Some money required (but little energy): Get a new watch.

Specifically, the Garmin vivofit Fitness Band. This watch has almost everything professional runner’s watches in the $100-400 range have, for only $50. It’s basically a personal trainer on your wrist, and after an hour of no movement, the screen turns red to warn you to get moving again. Best of all, you can sync your workout information to Garmin Connect on your phone and laptop to measure your progress, receive virtual badges for motivation, and challenge your friends. Bonuses: waterproof, yearlong battery life, comes in a variety of colors.

  1. Barely any energy required: Bulk up Slim down on whey protein.

Yes, people use it to gain muscle. But it’s also great for weight loss. This is because protein is rich in Leucine, which aids in protein synthesis, a big calorie burner. It also fills you up. Get muscle, lose fat. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. Essentially zero energy required:Go for Gluccomanan!

Really lazy? Science is on your side. Most weight loss supplements are bull shit, but this one’s for real. Gluccomanan, a natural dietary fiber, helps you lose weight because:

  • It’s low in calories4b glucomannan
  • It delays emptiness of the stomach so you feel full for longer
  • It reduces the absorption of fat

It’s basically perfect.

It could cost you some exercise, some cutting calories, and a few bucks, but now losing that dad bod and opting for the hot man women want to have sex with bod is easier than ever.

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