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15 Ways to Get Un-bored This Summer

by Rich Emrett

It’s easier than ever to waste time sitting around – you’ve got beer to drink, Netflix, and realer-than-ever video games on your hands. But it’s summer. And it’s gorgeous outside. There’s more to do than chill inside in front of a fan or at the pool. Here are 15 ways to get un-bored this summer.

  1. Go to a national park.

They tend to be free or damn close. And if you want to camp for free, check out a national forest – all you have to do is pull of the side of the road and there’s no fee whatsoever.

  1. Check out a state fair.

They’re classic. Reconnect with your inner kid, ride the dorky rides, win a bear for your sweetheart. If you’re looking for a real adventure, go to one in Texas.

  1. Go to a farm.

It’s not always common knowledge, but plenty of farms are open to the public – go wander the grounds, feed some horses, and pester chickens.

  1. Go to the aquarium.1a aquarium

Because sometimes you forget how cool jellyfish, sharks, and sea turtles are.

  1. Better yet, go to the beach and help out the sea turtles.

If it’s baby sea turtle season, you can help the babies along by clearing a path in the sand (activists literally do this).

  1. Join a team.

You don’t have to go all out with soccer or rugby or football. Almost everywhere has volleyball, dodgeball, kickball, and even corn hole teams and competitions.

  1. Go surfing.1b surfing

You could be lame and lay around on a towel all day. Or you could get a sexy, natural tan while building muscle tone and balance. Is there any sport hotter than surfing?

  1. Get an Airbnb somewhere you’ve never been.

It could be somewhere forty-five minutes away or five hours down the highway. Either way, it’s refreshing to get a change of scenery, even if it’s only for the weekend. There are plenty of great cabins, tiny houses, and beach houses to choose from.

  1. Trivia.

Check out a community calendar – there’s trivia at a bar or restaurant almost every day of the week. A big plus is that if you win, usually there’s money to be made and, at some places, free shots.

  1. Tap into your artistic side.

Ever been to an art walk? Maybe it sounds boring. It’s not. Think free food, wine and beer, and, in most places, a banging countercultural scene of art that’s affordable and stretching the boundaries.

  1. Travel for free.

If you’re traveling and you want more than the touristy experience, go to workaway.info. Generally, you work in exchange for a place to sleep and food to eat, as well as a stipend at some places. These aren’t typical jobs, though. You could grow weed in Hawaii, raise horses in Iceland, or pick grapes on a vineyard in Italy. The world is your oyster, man.

  1. Impromptu Slip ‘n Slide Party.

All you need is a long tarp, a hose, a Facebook event page, and BYOB.

  1. Go trail running.

It’s more of a challenge than the treadmill or road running, and it’s a lot more scenic.

  1. Volunteer.

Because what everyone says is true: it’s rewarding.

  1. 15.Okay, fine. Netflix and chill.

At least you’ll be getting some sort of exercise.

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