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12 Tantric Techniques to a More Fulfilling and Lasting Sexual Experience

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For most of us, sex is the expression of a person’s erotic side. It’s that part of us that seeks pleasure and satisfaction. In other cultures, especially in Tantric belief, sex is viewed as a sacred union of the masculine and feminine energy, which is the highest spiritual enlightenment.

In this blissful union, the big “O” is not the goal, but what goes on within the both of you during the experience. It’s a transformative awareness, one that goes beyond physical pleasure. Because the experience involves your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional states, Tantra teaches that increased sexual activity is the key to enlightenment.

To attain the highest sexual pleasure along with psychic powers, Tantric sex follows a set of rituals. People who have tried Tantric sex attested how their view on sex changed dramatically. And even if you don’t believe in the third eye, you can reap the benefits of Tantric sex by following the helpful techniques below.

1. Have an open mind

You can’t get effective results from something you don’t believe in. Trying Tantric sex doesn’t require you to follow Eastern philosophy, but it does require you to have an open mind for a better sexual experience. Unlike the sex techniques you’ve known for years, which focuses on making your partner achieve orgasm in the end, Tantric sex is more on slow movements, deep breathing, and sensuality.

There’s no need for you to worry whether your partner reaches orgasm or not because of how ecstatic Tantric sex can be. Having this approach in mind, you’re well prepared for a long and spiritually satisfying sexual experience.

2. Don’t expect anything

Expecting better results for something you do right is just normal. But in Tantric sex, you don’t have to focus your energy on what should or should not happen. It’s all about the experience. No matter how many times you do Tantric sex, the results will always be different. All you need to do is be there and stay present.

3. Transform your place into a sacred space

romantic candle-lit moment in tubBecause Tantric sex focuses more on the couple’s sensual experience, creating a sacred space is part of the journey. This means your space should help you awaken your senses. Surround the room with dimly lit unscented candles and fresh flowers. Diffuse aromatherapy oils for a relaxing scent in the room. Prepare fresh fruits or chocolates to share with each other should you get hungry. Include in your space a bottle of wine or a pitcher of drinking water. You never know when you need them. For better sexual experience, use silk bed sheets or silk lingerie.

4. Release tension out of your body

Tensed muscles could prevent you from fully engaging yourself. Relax your body and ease up by listening to relaxing music. Since Tantric sex requires you to focus on your breathing, you need to practice breathing through your mouth. Standing with your legs hip-width apart, breathe through your mouth. After several breaths, shake your entire body for a minute. This releases the tension and prepares your body for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

5. Start with a ritual

A ritual is one you do alone or together, whichever is preferable. This prepares your body for a much deeper union together. A ritual can be as simple as enjoying yourselves with a glass of wine. It can also be taking a bath individually or together. Tantric sex is not just any ordinary sex. It’s a special union with someone who is special. Thus, preparing for the session is a big must.

If you choose to take a shower together, make sure not to touch each other to achieve a steady flow. Remember, it’s not about sprinting at it but it’s all about slowing things down for a greater and longer spiritual sexual experience.

6. Slowly build sexual energy

After showering, find a position where you’re able to face each other and gaze at each other’s eyes. You can try the yab-yum position where you’re sitting cross-legged while she’s sitting on your lap. Having your genitals on closer proximity can slowly build sexual energy.

7. Breath together

Breath slowly and try to sync your breathing. You can breathe simultaneously and sync your inhales and exhales, or you can inhale while she exhales.

8. Hold each other’s gaze

Maintain eye contact for a longer time while breathing slowly. It may not be comfortable at first but you’ll get used to it when you do it more often. The point is to establish a deeper connection for each other. The eye is the window of the soul. Gazing at each other’s eye can be a soul touching experience.

9. Embrace each other and rock

While breathing slowly, and gazing into each other’s eyes, try rocking gently together. This process of pulsating together can create an amazing connection, uniting both of your energy fields, and being in the same energy state.

10. Share a Tantric kiss

sensual couple kissThe Tantric kiss is sharing the same breath. She inhales while you exhale and vice versa. Kissing this way allows her breath to go down inside your body, towards your sex organs. Sharing the kiss and the breath is intercourse in itself because it can be sensuous and ecstatic.

11. Connect with each other more deeply

For beginners, you may wonder what to do next. You can proceed to touch each other’s bodies. You can place your hand to each other’s chest to feel your breathing. Slowly move your hands to the non-erogenous zones to awaken the nerves and build excitement. Running your fingers near the breasts and genitals can heighten the sensation too.

Or you can also say anything you want to say to your partner while maintaining eye contact. You can tell her anything you want her to know, like how much you love her or how her presence impacts your life. Let the words flow without worrying about how she will respond. Opening your thoughts to her can result in a much deeper union.

12. Proceed to have sex

In a deeply ecstatic state, sex is no longer necessary. But if you feel the need to have one, then proceed and enjoy each other’s body. The point of Tantric sex is a much deeper spiritual union. Once you achieved one, intercourse can only be an added bonus. If you or your partner climax during the session, you still can proceed through the process. As we have mentioned earlier, the point of Tantric sex is not orgasm but a blissful spiritual union.

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