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12 Reasons to Date a Stripper

by Rich Emrett
12 Reasons to Date a Stripper


You may think the idea sounds nuts, but dude believe – there are many advantages to choosing a lady of leisure a beauty who is surrounded by many a stereotype.

So she takes off her clothes and shoves her ass and titties into a minimum of thirty different guys’ faces per night. But in fairness, at least, she can, right? If guys are paying for this, then she must be worth it!

Put jealousy aside and give a girl a break, cut some slack, simply just try not to be so small minded for once: this could be a game changer. Take your brain elsewhere for a second; this could actually be a smart move.

There is a lot more to being a stripper than taking off clothes and wiggling around. This job takes skill, strength, and wit. The concept is ART.  Her duties at work do not result in the girl banging each and every one of those men she spends a little time meaninglessly complimenting.

Looking from this point of view makes y’all wanna give the woman a well-deserved pat on the back.

Take note, because you are gonna be thankful for this later . . .

These girls are PROs at EVERYTHING they do.
From the performance on stage to the performance in the bedroom; ain’t no fucking around with a woman who takes her career seriously. These women know how to train themselves into shape and train men to eat from the palm of their hands.

    1. Professional dancers know how to move.
      And not just move, but sway with an irresistible aura of sex appeal. Pole and Lap Dancing take practice and endure great strength and flexibility.
    2. The Art of Seduction.
      These catties have confidence and are comfortable in their own skin. Cutting the BS of an insecure woman and know how to entice any man. This type of woman is liberated and has no problem with nakedness.
    3. The Art of the Hustle.
      No need to worry about the girl only wanting you for your money – she got her own! Relax, enjoy these women are independent and know how to make serious money.
    4. A keeper.
      A woman who has a man that respects their decisions is less likely to cheat. Few men who give their spouses this much freedom to celebrate their body and in return, the rewards are appreciation, love and true loyalty. (Plus you know where she is every night!)
    5. Fun personality.
      This woman talks to men for a living! She understands the mentality and sense of humor of any man. She spends her nights doing research. She has heard just about every type of fantasy. How could she possibly be boring?
    6. Role play.
      Because of her regular activity and interaction with men, she is searching for more. She has experience and is exposed to sales entwined with manipulation. She has no issue with playing out your wildest desires. Your relationship and sex life are already at an all-time high thanks to your foundation of trust. The nest stage is exploring each other.
    7. Open about sexuality.
      A lady in this industry is an approachable being, fearless of expression and willing to talk about the things a regular woman might get prude or shy over. This mistress is not about to get offended easy over nuttin!
    8. Talk dirty.
      Looking lovely, moving sexy and knowing how to whisper those sweet and explicit not-so-nothings into a guys ear comes as one big package boy.
    9. Make your pals envious.
      You got arm candy and all the trimmings. There is no doubt about the fact that your homeboys are going to be jealous, look at what they have settled for!
    10. Strippers have hot friends.
      100% fact. These girls associate themselves with like-minded women and don’t have time to prat around with dizzy bitches who chat shit about each other and enjoy backstabbing. Strippers stick together and look out for each other. They appreciate the site of other females and at times may need to practice at home and show each other tricks– nudge wink. Pole parties, yes, please.
    11. Knows how to handle herself.
      No matter what the situation, this girl can hold her own and stand her ground. She ain’t putting up with shit and this, my friend, is bound to keep you on your toes.

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