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10 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

by Rich Emrett
10 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

 There are a few things that separate the men from the boys. None of these skills are very hard to develop, but so many men just don’t make the time for them. We live in a modern world where Triple A can change your tire for you and frozen meals come in all shapes and sizes, but these don’t compare to knowing how to change a tire and cook for yourself. No matter who tells you otherwise, the vast majority of women are looking for a real man who takes his manhood seriously. This means growing up. If you don’t have these ten skills down yet, get started. It’s going to make you a better man.

  1. Change a tire.

If you haven’t yet, you’re going to get a flat tire someday. And you’re going to look really un-manly if you don’t know how to change the tire yourself.

  1. Jumpstart a car.

The same goes for jumpstarting a car. Plus, when you stumble upon a damsel in distress, you’ll be able to pull out your jumper cables and swoop in to be the hero.

  1. Start a fire.


If you’ve seen even a second of survivalist shows, you’ve realized just how important having a fire is out in the wilderness. Camping, setting your own fire, cooking your own food, and setting up your own tent – all of these are necessary for manhood. Bonus points if you can start a fire without a match.

  1. Make coffee.


Nothing’s lamer than staying the night at a guy’s place just to wake up to no coffee or breakfast whatsoever. At the very least, know how to make coffee that’s not too weak, not too strong.

  1. Cook.

There are a few things you just need to know how to cook. To be sexy, you should know how to make seafood pasta and lasagna. Manly, steak and potatoes. A basic human being, stuff like eggs and bacon, pancakes and sausage. One of the most attractive things about a man is that he can cook – because, unfortunately, it can be hard to find one who can.

  1. Administer CPR and perform the Heimlich maneuver.

It doesn’t take much to learn basic first aid, but it could make a hell of a difference. You could save someone’s life. And being prepared sets you above the majority who are just fine with letting someone else save the day.

  1. Shake hands.

It sounds easy. It isn’t always. The way you shake hands says a ton about you in a matter of seconds. Not too hard but never, ever, too soft. Nothing makes you look weaker right off the bat than a fishy handshake.

  1. Tie a tie.

All it takes is a Youtube tutorial.

  1. Choose the right wine.

Wanna impress her at some fine restaurant? Know your wines.

  1. Give a good massage.

Wanna impress her after dinner? Master the massage.

If you don’t have all ten of these down, it isn’t too late. Grab yourself a Dummy’s Guide or do a Youtube search. There are all sorts of resources out there to help you earn your Man Card.



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