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10 Little Easy Ways to Impress Her

by Rich Emrett
10 Little Easy Ways to Impress Her


It’s the little things, guys. We’re not asking for some intense public portrayal of love (actually, that can be pretty awkward and creepy). We’re not asking for you to say you love us 24/7. Hell, you don’t even have to buy us a drink. Turns out the things that impress women can be pretty damn small and simple. Here are a few that really get us going:

  1. Be an adult.

That means texting back when you get a text, giving generous tips, not gossiping, and respecting her as a person.

  1. Call her.

In a world of texting, it’s sexy when you step up and make the effort to talk on the phone instead. Bonus? Say “I just wanted to hear the sound of your voice.”

  1. Make a decision.

“What do you want?” “No, what do you want?” “No, you!” Ever had this conversation? Well, quit it. Just pick something and whisk her away.

  1. Listen.


We can tell when you aren’t listening or when you’re more excited about what you have to say than what’s coming out of our mouth.

  1. Don’t have hissy fits.

Even if you’ve had a really bad day, even if someone totally screwed you over, show her you can process your emotions.

  1. Be on time.

It isn’t cool to be hard to get in the sense that you make a girl wait around for you. Show up when you say you’ll show up. It’s the least you can do, and it’s common decency. No excuses.

  1. Bring her flowers.

Bonus: for no good reason.

  1. Tell her you’ve been thinking of her.

It’s such a simple thing to say, but it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

  1. Talk about your feelings, even when you’re having a rough time.

It’s nice to be with a guy who knows he isn’t invincible and who is willing to become vulnerable.

  1. On the other hand… don’t complain.

Is there anything less attractive than a complainer?

  1. Pick her up.


There’s something gentlemanly about offering to pick her up rather than just meeting somewhere. And it’s kinda hot.

  1. Have goals.

‘Cause we’re not looking for someone who’s cool with just sitting around and watching the world go by. Hustlers are hot as hell.

  1. Look her in the eye.

Eye contact shows you’re confident and interested. It also makes us feel like you’re really sincerely listening.

  1. Compliment her.

But really mean what you say.

  1. Clean up a little.

You don’t have to be a total straight-shooter, but at least show that you have basic hygiene down.

  1. Offer her your jacket or coat on a cold day.

Cliché but totally cute.

  1. Know how to cook.

The number of men who can’t cook… Shameless. Don’t be that guy.

  1. Put your phone away.

Like, for the entire time you hang out. The easiest way to make a girl feel unimportant is to scroll through your phone and text while you’re with her.

  1. Ask for advice.

It shows you’re actually interested in her opinion and that you’re thoughtful.

  1. Work out.

If you don’t work out, you better get started. We want a man who takes care of himself and who can break a sweat!

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