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10 Hot Places You Need to Have Sex  

by Rich Emrett
10 Hot Places You Need to Have Sex

So while doing it in missionary in the bedroom is great and all, there are plenty of girls who are turned on by variety and a dash of risk-taking. Looking for a rush? Here are ten hot places to get it on:

  • The Great Outdoors

Let’s be real: we’re animals at heart, and there’s nothing like getting back in touch with the great outdoors. Here are a few ways to do it:1a-outdoors

  • Cutesy and Romantic: Have a picnic. Or head into the backyard under the stars.
  • Classic: On the beach at night. But pack a big blanket – sand has a way with getting everywhere.
  • Straight-up Hot: Outside in the rain.
  • If you’re shy: Go camping and shake up that tent. Or go all southern and sex up the bed of your truck.
  • If you’re not shy: In a wide-open field or the woods in the sun.
  • At Work

You’re a nice guy. You bring her lunch. Sometimes you sit and chat with her coworkers. And sometimes you have crazy sex on her desk. Who doesn’t have that workplace sex fantasy? You can push each other up against the wall, knock books off the bookshelf, and be the last to leave the office after hours – for a great reason. Maybe you could even let her rip your button-down off or tie her up with your tie.

  • On a Plane

This one’s tricky. Plane bathrooms aren’t exactly luxurious if you’re flying economy, and then there’s turbulence. Still, it’s sort of classic. And it definitely requires some bravery. If you’re flying abroad, drink a couple glasses of wine and you’ll be plenty ready to squeeze into that bathroom and get it on.

  • On a Train

If you’re travelling at the right time, chances are you’re going to stumble upon an empty compartment, and most compartments come with little blinds you can use to block out hallway traffic. You probably can’t lock the compartment, though. This makes for an exciting sexcapade – who knows when the door could turn?!

  • In the Car1b-car

*Sigh.* This one’s a classic. It brings back memories of sneaking around conservative parents as a teenager and getting it on in the front and backseats with my high school sweetheart. Memories of fogged up windows and checking every once in a while for headlights coming up the hill.

It’s a little risky, but not too much if you can find a vacant lot or quiet neighborhood. And, of course, there’s always road head for when long drives start to drone on.

  • In the Elevator

You just can’t wait. You’ve got to get it on now. And your hotel room is on the eighth floor. Time for a risky and risqué quickie. It’ll be sure to go down in the books for both of you.

  • In a Dressing Room

Your girl really likes trying on clothes and looking hot for you. You really don’t like sitting around waiting for her. Easy fix for this problem? Go in with her. And then take everything off. Pro tip? Do it with expensive lingerie that you don’t have to buy after all. Take that, Victoria’s Secret!

  • At Church

As adults, we only get to sneak around so much. And sneaking around is oddly fun! If you really want to risk getting caught, or if you think sex is a truly holy experience, do it in the pews.

  • At an Event

So you’re at a barbeque and everyone’s just standing around talking football and drinking cheap beer. Or you’re at a dazzling gala, but you’re tipsy and totally itching to get out of your tux. There’s nothing like ditching an event to sneak off and do it in the closet, someone else’s bedroom, or wherever else is free. Go!

  • In a Bar

Wanna get down and dirty? Can’t wait till you get home? There’s nothing like a bar bathroom.

So there you have it. Ten places to get it on. Here’s to hoping we’ve inspired you to get a little creative about where you get down next.

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